Form ARW-4MS Tax Exemption Certificate for Military Spouse

000000000000 1 Employee must provide an original of his/her military spouse s most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to be kept by employer with employee s personnel records Employer must verify that the employee s military spouse s LES assign ment location matches the location indicated on Form ARW 4MS 2 Employee must show employer his/her current Military ID and employer must verify the ID identifies the employee as a current military spouse (Employers are not permitted by federal law to copy the Military ID Employers are allowed to copy the military spouse s ID ) These IDs are reissued every four years so employer may not accept a Military ID that is dated more than four years before the date the employer reviews it 3 Employer must keep Arkansas Form ARW 4MS with the employee s personnel records Employer Requirements: Employers are required to withhold the correct Arkansas income tax on an employee un less the employee has provided the employer with a federal Form W 4 or if applicable a complete signed Form ARW 4MS INSTRUCTIONS FOR ARW 4MS Notice To Employers: