2012 AZ - Arizona Tax Forms

Form 10193Business Account Update07/13/2011
Form 120Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return10/11/2012
Form 120AArizona Corporation Income Tax Return10/11/2012
Form 120ESCorporation Estimated Tax Payment09/21/2011
Form 120ES-2013Corporation Estimated Tax Payment10/11/2012
Form 120EXTApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation, Partnership, and Exempt Organization Returns10/11/2012
Form 120SArizona S Corporation Income Tax Return10/11/2012
120S-Sched K-1(NR)120S Schedule K-1(NR) - Nonresident Shareholder's Share of Income and Deductions10/15/2012
Form 120WEstimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations09/22/2011
Form 120W-2013Estimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations10/15/2012
Form 120XArizona Amended Corporation Income Tax Return10/15/2012
Form 122Authorization and Consent of Subsidiary Corporation to be Included in a Consolidated Income Tax Return10/15/2012
Form 131Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased Taxpayer10/11/2012
Form 140Resident Personal Income Tax (non-fillable)09/27/2012
140-Sched ASchedule A - Itemized Deduction Adjustments10/11/2012
Form 140AResident Personal Income Tax (Short Form - non-fillable)09/27/2012
Form 140ESIndividual Estimated Tax Payment01/09/2012
Form 140ES-2013Individual Estimated Tax Payment10/11/2012
Form 140ETCredit for Increased Excise Taxes10/11/2012
Form 140EZResident Personal Income Tax (EZ Form)09/27/2012
Form 140NRNonresident Personal Income Tax Return09/27/2012
140NR-Sched A(NR)Schedule A(NR) - Itemized Deductions for Nonresidents10/11/2012
Form 140PTCProperty Tax Refund (Credit) Claim (non-fillable)09/27/2012
Form 140PYPart-Year Resident Personal Income Tax09/27/2012
140PY-Sched A(PY)Schedule A(PY) - Itemized Deductions Part-Year Resident10/11/2012
140PY-Sched A(PYN)Schedule A(PYN) - Itemized Deductions for Part-Year Resident with Nonresident Income10/11/2012
Form 140XIndividual Amended Return10/11/2012
Form 141AZArizona Fiduciary Income Tax Return10/11/2012
Form 141AZ ESEstate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment09/22/2011
Form 141AZ ES-2013Estate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment10/11/2012
Form 141AZ EXTApplication for Filing Extension For Fiduciary Returns Only10/11/2012
141AZ Schedule K-1Schedule K-1 Resident or Part-Year Resident Beneficiary's Share of Fiduciary Adjustment10/11/2012
141AZ Schedule K-1 (NR)Schedule K-1(NR) Nonresident Beneficiary's Share of Income10/11/2012
Form 165Arizona Partnership Income Tax Return10/15/2012
165 Schedule K-1Schedule K-1 Resident Partner's Share of Adjustment to Partnership Income10/15/2012
Form 200Innocent Spouse Relief - This form is not tax year specific and can be used for any prior tax year.10/11/2012
Form 201Renter's Certificate of Property Taxes Paid01/15/2013
Form 202Personal Exemption Allocation Election10/11/2012
Form 204Application for Filing Extension10/11/2012
Form 220Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Corporations10/03/2012
Form 221Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals12/17/2012
Form 300Non refundable Corporate Tax Credits and Recapture10/03/2012
Form 301Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and Recapture10/03/2012
Form 304Enterprise Zone Credit10/03/2012
Form 305Environmental Technology Facility Credit10/03/2012
Form 306Military Reuse Zone Credit10/04/2012
Form 307Recycling Equipment Credit10/04/2012
Form 308Credit for Increased Research Activities - Corporations10/04/2012
Form 308-ICredit for Increased Research Activities - Individuals10/04/2012
Form 309Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or Country10/04/2012
Form 310Credit For Solar Energy Credit10/04/2012
Form 312Agricultural Water Conservation System Credit10/04/2012
Form 315Pollution Control Credit10/04/2012
Form 318Credit for Taxes Paid for Coal Consumed in Generating Electrical Power10/04/2012
Form 319Credit for Solar Hot Water Heating Plumbing Stub Outs and Electric Vehicle Recharge Outlets10/04/2012
Form 320Credit for Employment of TANF Recipients10/04/2012
Form 321Credit for Contributions to Charities That Provide Assistance to the Working Poor10/04/2012
Form 322Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools10/04/2012
Form 323Credit for Contributions to School Tuition Organizations10/04/2012
Form 325Credit for Agricultural Pollution Control Equipment10/04/2012
Form 331Credit for Donation of School Site10/09/2012
Form 332Credit for Healthy Forest Enterprises10/09/2012
Form 333Credit for Employing National Guard Members10/09/2012
Form 334Credit for Motion Picture Production Costs (Includes 334-I)10/09/2012
Form 334-ETRANSFEREE Notice of Transfer of Credit for Motion Pictures Production Costs10/09/2012
Form 334-OTRANSFEROR Notice of Transfer of Credit for Motion Pictures Production Costs10/09/2012
Form 335Credit for Corporate Contributions to School Tuition Organizations10/09/2012
Form 336Credit for Solar Energy Devices Commercial and Industrial Applications10/09/2012
Form 337Credit for Water Conservation Plumbing Stub-outs10/09/2012
Form 338Credit for Investment in Qualified Small Business10/09/2012
Form 339Credit for Water Conservation Systems10/09/2012
Form 340Credit for Donations to Military Family Relief Fund10/09/2012
Form 341Credit for Corporate Contributions to School Tuition Organizations for Displaced Students or Students With Disabilities10/09/2012
Form 342Credit for Renewable Energy Industry10/09/2012
Form 343Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit10/09/2012
Form 344Solar Liquid Fuel Credit10/09/2012
Form 345Credit for New Employment10/10/2012
Form 346Additional Credit for Increased Research Activities for Basic Research Payments10/10/2012
Form 347Credit for Qualified Health Insurance Plans10/11/2012
Form 348Credit for Contributions to Certified School Tuition Organization Individuals10/11/2012
Form 51Combined or Consolidated Return Affiliation Schedules10/11/2012
Form 51TElection for Accounting and Reporting Expenses Credit10/11/2012
Form 99Exempt Organization Annual Information Return10/11/2012
Form 99TExempt Organization Business Income Tax Return10/11/2012
Form A1-APRArizona Annual Payment Withholding Tax Return10/15/2012
Form A1-CArizona Charitable Withholding Statement (Includes Instructions)01/23/2013
Form A1-C-2013Arizona Charitable Withholding Statement (Includes Instructions)01/24/2013
Form A1-EEmployer's Election to Not Withhold Arizona Taxes in December (Includes Instructions)09/19/2011
Form A1-E-2013Employer's Election to Not Withhold Arizona Taxes in December (Includes Instructions)10/15/2012
Form A1-QRTArizona Quarterly Withholding Tax Return11/17/2011
Form A1-QTCQuarterly Payment of Reduced Withholding for Tax Credits09/19/2011
Form A1-QTC-2013Quarterly Payment of Reduced Withholding for Tax Credits10/15/2012
Form A1-RArizona Withholding Reconciliation Tax Return10/15/2012
Form A-4Arizona Withholding Percentage Election10/15/2012
Form A-4CRequest for Reduced Withholding to Designate for Tax Credits09/19/2011
Form A-4C-2013Request for Reduced Withholding to Designate for Tax Credits10/17/2012
Form A-4PAnnuitant's Request for Voluntary Arizona Income Tax Withholding10/17/2012
Form A-4VVoluntary Withholding Request for Arizona Resident Employed Outside of Arizona10/17/2012
Form AZ-140VArizona Individual Income Tax payment Voucher for Electronic Filing (This form has no separate instructions)10/11/2012
Form JT-1Joint Tax Application for a Business License06/08/2011
Schedule ACASchedule ACA - Air Carrier Apportionment10/17/2012
Form WECWithholding Exemption Certificate with Instructions09/19/2011
Form WEC-2013Withholding Exemption Certificate with Instructions10/17/2012
Form WECIWithholding Exemption Certificate, Native Americans with Instructions09/19/2011
Form WECI-2013Withholding Exemption Certificate, Native Americans with Instructions10/17/2012