2012 CO - Colorado Tax Forms

104 BookletIndividual Income Tax Booklet11/09/2012
104 FormIndividual Income Tax Form only10/30/2012
104 InstructionsIncome Tax Instructions01/09/2013
Form 104AMTAlternative Minimum Tax Computation Schedule12/14/2012
Form 104BEPPayment Voucher - Nonresident Beneficiary11/02/2012
Form 104CRCredits -- for Individuals10/26/2012
Form 104EP-2013Individual Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/12/2012
Form 104EP-2012Individual Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/08/2011
Form 104PNPart-Year/Nonresident Computation Form10/24/2012
Form 104PTCProperty Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate11/20/2012
Form 104XIndividual Amended Return01/09/2013
105 BookletFiduciary Income Tax use 105 form to amend a return10/22/2012
Form 105EP-2013Estate and Trust - Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/12/2012
Form 105EP-2012Estate and Trust - Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)10/28/2011
106 BookletPartnership or S Corporation Return of Income use 106 form to amend a return11/08/2012
Form 106EP-2013Composite Nonresident Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/12/2012
Form 106EP-2012Composite Nonresident Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)11/15/2011
Form 107-108Nonresident Partner/Shareholder Agreement11/09/2012
112 BookletC-Corporation Income Tax Return10/19/2012
Form 112 CreditCredits - for Corporations01/04/2013
Form 112EP-2013Corporation Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/12/2012
Form 112EP-2012Corporation Coupon/Voucher (Estimated)12/01/2011
Form 112XCorporation Amended Return01/09/2013
Form 204Underpayment of Individual Estimated Tax10/22/2012
Form 205Underpayment of Corporate Estimated Tax09/19/2012
Form 206Underpayment of Severance Estimated Tax09/06/2012
Form DR-0002Direct Pay Permit Application03/21/2000
Form DR-0078Extended Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Application09/12/2011
Form DR-0078AEnterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report12/22/2011
Form DR-0084Substitute W-2 Form for Income Tax Withheld04/22/2004
Form DR-0085Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report09/12/2011
Form DR-0086Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule09/12/2011
Form DR-0096Request for Tax Status Letter07/02/2010
Form DR-0102Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased Taxpayer03/16/2004
Form DR-158-IExtension Payment Voucher - Individual11/01/2012
Form DR-158-CExtension Payment Voucher - Corporation11/09/2012
Form DR-158-NExtension Payment Voucher - Composite Nonresident12/12/2012
Form DR-0211Income Tax Order Form10/23/2007
Form DR-0251RTA Consumer Use Tax Return09/07/2011
Form DR-0252Consumer Use Tax Return02/17/2012
Form DR-0253Income Tax Closing Agreement03/02/2004
Form DR-0716Statement of Non-Profit Church, Synagogue, or Organization10/19/2004
Form DR-0810Employees Election Regarding Medical Savings Account09/12/2011
Form DR-0811Employees Election Regarding Catastrophic Health Insurance09/12/2011
Form DR-0900Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher10/24/2012
Form DR-0900-CC-Corporation Income Tax Payment Voucher11/09/2012
Form DR-0900-FFiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher01/07/2013
Form DR-0900-PPartnership S-Corp Payment Voucher01/07/2013
Form DR-1011Authorization Agreement For Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)07/24/2012
Form DR-1059Exemption from Withholding for a Qualifying Spouse of a U.S. Armed Forces Servicemember01/14/2011
Form DR-1093Annual Transmittal -- W-2s12/06/2012
Form DR-1094Income Withholding Tax Return03/26/2012
Form DR-1098Wage Withholding Tables (this version applies for 2013 and 2014)11/02/2012
Form DR-1101Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld on Gaming Winnings03/21/2011
Form DR-1102Change or Closure Form and Instructions11/15/2011
Form DR-1106Annual Transmittal -- State 1099 Forms12/06/2012
Form DR-11071099 Income Withholding Tax Return01/03/2012
Form DR-1210Estate Tax Return11/17/2003
Form DR-1306Individual Consumer Use Tax Return09/07/2011
Form DR-1316Colorado Source Capital Gain Affidavit09/12/2011
Form DR-1317Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification09/12/2011
Form DR-1318Unlicensed Child Care Organization Registration Application09/12/2011
Form DR-1319Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Grandfathered Organization Application09/12/2011
Form DR-1735Foreign Capital Depository Tax Return12/11/2006
Form DR-1778E-Filer Attachment Form11/09/2012
Form DR-1794Business Tax Order Form07/23/1999
Form DR-1830Material Advisor Disclosure Statement For Colorado Listed Transaction08/16/2011
Form DR-4678PTC Waiver10/25/2006
Form DR-4679PTC Affidavit10/22/2009
Form DR-5782Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program for Tax Payments11/13/2012
Form DR-5785Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Tax Payments08/27/2012
Form DR-8453CElectronic Filing Declaration - C-Corporation09/17/2012