Form D-2030P 2011 Payment Voucher

Detach at perforation and mail the voucher with payment attached See mailing address on back *112300110002* 2011 D 2030P Payment Voucher Amount of payment $ 00 any data on this form other than your signature Business mailing address line #1 Business mailing address line #2 Business name Tax period ending MM/YY City State Zip Code + 4 D 2030P D 2030P P1 D 2030P PAYMENT VOUCHER Do not enter cents enter dollars only To avoid penalties and interest your payment must be postmarked no later than the due date of your return Fill in if FEIN Fill in if for a D 20 Return Fill in if for a D 30 Return Fill in if SSN Government of OFFICIAL USE ONLY Payment Voucher Revised 05/10 Revised 08/2011 See instructions on back STAPLE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER HERE Taxpayer Identification Number the District of Columbia This is a FILL IN format Please do not handwrite Vendor ID# 0002