Form Schedule H Supplemental Information/Dependents

and Renter Property Tax Credit Square number Suffix number Lot number *129980110002* 10 Enter information from your real property tax bill or assessment If a section is blank on your property tax bill leave it blank here 2012 SCHEDULE H Homeownerl 2012 SCHEDULE H P1 Revised 11/12 Homeowner and Renter Property Tax Credit File order 5 a Wages salaries tips bonuses commissions fees and a any compensation for personal services any data on this form other than your signature b Dividends and interest b c Lottery winnings c d Trade or business income (or loss) d District of Columbia e Taxable and nontaxable pensions and annuities e enter here and on Section A Line 1 or Section B Line 7 f Capital gain (or loss) f File order 6 g Alimony received g Government of the h Net rental and royalty income h i Social security and/or railroad retirement i If you are blind or disabled you must have this certificate completed to claim the Property Tax Credit File it with your Schedule H j Unemployment insurance and workers compensation j k Support money and public assistance grants k l Interest on U S obligations l List names and social security numbers of other household members If more than four list on a separate sheet of paper and attach with this form m Disability income exclusion (from DC Form D 2440 Line 10) m n Nontaxable portion of military compensation n o Fellowship and scholarship awards and grants o OffOff p Life insurance proceeds p q Veteran s pension and disability payments q r GI Bill benefits r s Income subject to unincorporated business franchise tax s t Cash distributions from a business or investment t This is a FILL IN format Please do not handwrite u Other u v Total gross income Add Lines a u for each column v w Total household gross income Add amounts entered on Line v w $