2012 IA - Iowa Tax Forms

Form IA-1040Long Form return only 41-001 Print Version01/02/2013
Form IA-1040AReturn only 41-08001/31/2013
IA-1040A-InstInstructions only 41-11912/24/2012
Form IA-1040CComposite Return 41-00601/09/2013
Form IA-1040ESEstimated Tax coupons for 2012 45-00208/26/2011
Form IA-1040ES-2013Estimated Tax coupons for 2013 45-00212/26/2012
IA-1040ES-InstInstructions for 2012 45-00910/18/2011
IA-1040ES-Inst-2013Instructions for 2013 45-00912/22/2012
IA-1040-InstLong Form instructions only 41-00212/24/2012
IA-1040-Sched A-BSchedules A and B 41-00401/28/2013
Form IA-1040XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 41-12201/09/2013
Form IA-1040XVAmended Income Tax Return Payment Voucher 41-12101/16/2013
Form IA-1041Return only 63-00101/09/2013
IA-1041-InstInstructions only 63-00212/17/2012
IA-1041-Sched CSchedule C 63-00301/28/2013
Form IA-1041VTax Payment Voucher 63-00701/09/2013
Form IA-1065Partnership Return 41-01601/11/2013
IA-1065-InstInstructions 41-01712/18/2012
Form IA-1120Long Form return only 42-00101/09/2013
IA-1120 -InstInstructions only 42-00212/18/2012
Form IA-1120AShort Form return only 42-03001/09/2013
IA-1120A -InstShort Form instructions only 42-03112/18/2012
Form IA-1120ESEstimated Tax Vouchers 45-00412/18/2012
IA-1120ES-Instinstructions only for 2012 45-01008/26/2011
IA-1120ES-Inst-2013Instructions only for 2013 45-01012/18/2012
Form IA-1120FReturn only 43-00112/18/2012
Form IA-1120F-VTax Payment Voucher 43-00912/18/2012
Form IA-1120SS Corp return only 42-00401/09/2013
IA-1120S-InstInstructions only 42-00501/09/2013
IA-1120-Sched F-GSchedules F and G Net Operating and Alternative Minimum Tax Loss Carryovers 42-02001/09/2013
IA-1120-Sched HSchedule H Computation of Federal Tax Refund/Deduction 42-02112/18/2012
IA-1120-Sched I-JSchedules I and J IA-851 Affiliation/Consolidated Business Activity Ratio 42-02201/09/2013
Form IA-1120VTax Payment Voucher 42-01901/09/2013
Form IA-1120XAmended Corporation Return 42-02401/09/2013
Form IA-1139-CAPApplication for Refund Due to the Carryback of Capital Losses 42-02801/09/2013
Form IA-1139-NOLApplication for Refund Due to the Carryback of Net Operating Losses and Alternative Minimum Tax Losses for Years beginning prior to January 1, 2009 ONLY 42-02601/09/2013
Form IA-123Net Operating Loss Worksheet 41-12301/10/2013
Form IA-126Nonresident / Part-Year Resident Credit 41-126 Examples01/10/2013
Form IA-128Research Activities Credit 41-12801/10/2013
Form IA-128SAlternate Simplified Research Activities Credit 41-12401/10/2013
Form IA-130Out-of-State Tax Credit 41-130 Examples01/10/2013
Form IA-133New Jobs Credit Worksheet 41-13301/11/2013
Form IA-134 SCorp Apportionment Credit 41-13401/11/2013
Form IA-135E85 Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 41-15001/11/2013
Form IA-137Ethanol Promotion Tax Credit 41-15101/11/2013
Form IA-138E15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 41-15201/11/2013
Form IA-145Alternate Tax Calculation Worksheet 41-14501/11/2013
Form IA-146Tax Reduction Worksheet 41-14612/22/2012
Form IA-147Franchise Tax Credit Worksheet 41-14701/11/2013
Form IA-148Tax Credits Schedule01/11/2013
Form IA-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 45-00701/11/2013
Form IA-2210-AISchedule AI Annualized Income Installment Method 45-01101/11/2013
Form IA-2210FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers/Fishers 45-00801/11/2013
Form IA-2210SShort Method Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 45-01201/11/2013
Form IA-2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax 45-00601/11/2013
Form IA-2440Disability Income Exclusion 41-12701/10/2013
Form IA-3468Investment Tax Credit Worksheet 42-03412/17/2012
Form IA-4136Computation of Motor Fuel Tax Credit 41-00501/09/2013
Form IA-4562AIowa Depreciation Adjustment Schedule 41-10501/09/2013
Form IA-4562BIowa Depreciation Accumulated Adjustment Schedule 41-10601/09/2013
Form IA-4626-IA-8827Minimum Tax Computation / Minimum Tax Credit 43-00212/18/2012
Form IA-59FApportionment of Income to Iowa 43-00712/18/2012
IA-59F-InstInstructions only 43-00812/18/2012
Form IA-6251Minimum Tax Computation 41-13101/11/2013
Form IA-6251BBalance Sheet or Statement of Net Worth 41-13501/11/2013
Form IA-706Tax return only 60-00812/19/2012
IA-706-InstInstructions only 60-06612/19/2012
Form IA-8453-CCorporation Income Tax Declaration for an E-File Return 42-00912/18/2012
Form IA-8453-PEPartnership Income Tax Declaration for and E-File Return 41-02212/18/2012
Form IA-8453-SS Corp Income Tax Declaration for an E-File Return 42-01312/18/2012
Form IA-8801Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax for Individuals, Estates, Trusts 41-00901/09/2013
Form IA-8864Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax Credit 41-14901/11/2013
Form IA-FRAN ES-2013Estimated Tax Vouchers for Financial Institutions 43-00612/18/2012
Form IA-FRAN-ES2012 Estimated Tax Vouchers for Financial Institutions 43-00609/02/2011
Sched-ASchedule A 60-00210/21/2011
Sched-BSchedule B 60-00310/21/2011
Sched-CSchedule C 60-00410/21/2011
Sched-DSchedule D 60-08212/19/2012
Sched-ESchedule E 60-00512/19/2012
Sched-FSchedule F 60-00612/19/2012
Sched-G-HSchedule G/H 60-07312/19/2012
Sched-ISchedule I 60-08312/19/2012
Sched-JSchedule J 60-08412/19/2012
Sched-KSchedule K 60-08512/19/2012