2012 ID - Idaho Tax Forms

Form 24Idaho Grocery Credit Refund10/16/2012
Form 40Idaho Individual Income Tax10/16/2012
Form 41Idaho Corporation Income Tax Return10/12/2012
Form 43Idaho Part-Year Resident and Nonresident Income Tax Return10/16/2012
Form 44Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture10/09/2012
Form 49Idaho Investment Tax Credit10/03/2012
Form 51Estimated Payment of Idaho Individual Income Tax10/25/2012
Form 55Idaho Credit For Qualifiying New Employees11/07/2012
Form 56Idaho Net Operating Loss10/22/2012
Form 65Idaho Partnership Return of Income11/16/2012
Form 66Idaho Fiduciary Income Tax Return10/23/2012
Form 67Credit for Idaho Research Activities10/23/2012
Form 68Idaho Broadband Equipment Investment Credit10/23/2012
Form 69Idaho Incentive Investment Tax Credit10/23/2012
Form 71Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit10/23/2012
Form 72Idaho Hire One Act Credit10/23/2012
Form 83Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit10/24/2012
Form 84Idaho Small Employer Real Property Improvement Tax Credit11/01/2012
Form 39NRIdaho Supplemental Schedule10/17/2012
Form 39RIdaho Supplemental Schedule10/17/2012
Form 40VIncome Tax Payment Voucher (for any year)10/03/2012
Form 41ESQuarterly Estimated Tax/Extension of Time Payment10/03/2012
Form 41ESRUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations10/03/2012
Form 41ESTWorksheet for Determining Estimate Payment Amount10/22/2012
Form 41SIdaho S Corporation Income Tax Return11/16/2012
Form 48-CMIdaho Kilowatt-Hour License Tax Statement For Co-Generator (Monthly)10/22/2012
Form 49CIdaho Investment Tax Credit Carryover10/17/2012
49E-InstInstructions for Form 49E09/28/2012
Form 49EProperty Tax Exemption Election Form10/03/2012
Form 49RRecapture Of Idaho Investment Tax Credit10/22/2012
Form 68RRecapture of Broadband Equipment Investment Credit10/23/2012
Form 71RRecapture of Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit10/23/2012
Form 72-SIdaho Hire One Act Credit Supplemental Schedule10/23/2012
72-S-InstInstructions for Form 72-S10/04/2012
Form 83RRecapture of Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit10/30/2012
Form CGIdaho Capital Gains Deduction10/03/2012
Form ID K-1Partner's Shareholder's or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments Credits ETC.10/12/2012
Form PTE-01Idaho Income Tax Withheld for An Individual Nonresident Owner Of A Pass-through Entity11/16/2012
Form PTE-12Idaho Schedule For Pass-Through Owners11/01/2012
PTE-12-InstInstructions for Idaho Form PTE-1211/16/2012
Form PTE-NROAIdaho Nonresident Owner Agreement11/01/2012