2012 KS - Kansas Tax Forms

Form 200Local Intangibles Tax Form and Rates10/31/2011
Form CR-20Homestead-Foods Sales Tax Refund08/15/2012
Form IA-81Claim to Support Withholding Tax Credit05/17/2011
Form K-120Corporation Income Tax09/06/2012
K-120-BkltCorporate Income Tax Instructions - 201209/25/2012
Form K-120EXExpensing Deduction10/24/2012
Form K-120SSmall Business Form and Instructions12/20/2012
Form K-120VCorporate Income Tax Payment Voucher09/06/2012
Form K-130ASFinancial Institution Apportionment Schedule02/23/2006
K-130-InstPrivilege Tax12/19/2011
Form K-130VPrivilege Tax Payment Voucher (K-130V) - 201208/30/2011
Form K-131Financial Institution Combined Income Method of Reporting08/16/2011
Form K-141 InsFiduciary Income Tax Instructions10/22/2012
Form K-19Report of Nonresident Owner Tax Withheld10/15/2012
Form K-210Individual Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule and instructions09/24/2012
Form K-2MTKansas W-2 Specifications for Electronic Filing10/18/2012
Form K-4Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate10/10/2012
Form K-40Individual Income Tax and/or Food Sales Tax Refund10/12/2012
K-40-BkltComplete Income Tax Instruction10/22/2012
Form K-40HHomestead Claim09/06/2012
K-40H-BkltHomestead instructions09/25/2012
K-40-InstGeneral Instructions12/20/2012
Form K-40PTProperty Tax Relief Claim10/22/2012
Form K-40VKansas Payment Voucher09/06/2012
Form K-41Fiduciary Income Tax11/06/2012
Form K-4CNonresident Employee Certificate09/14/2005
Form K-4UAllowance from Unemployment Benefits05/23/2011
Form K-99CSVKansas 1099 Specifications for Electronic Filing - CSV Format10/18/2012
Form K-99MTKansas 1099 Specifications for Electronic Filing10/18/2012
Form KS-1500Codes for Principal Business Activity and Principal Product or Service- NAICS Codes12/31/2012
Form KW-110Withholding Requirements09/01/2011
Form KW-2CSVKansas W-2 Specifications for Electronic Filing CSV Format10/18/2012
Form KW-3Annual Withholding Tax Return05/10/2010
Form KW-5Withholding Tax Deposit Report05/10/2010
Form KW-7 - KW-7SNonresident Owner Withholding Return and Schedule10/15/2012
Form KW-7ANonresident Owner Withholding Affidavit10/15/2012
Form RF-9Decedent Refund Claim01/24/2012
Schedule DISCertificate of Disability08/23/2012
Schedule RNTCertification of Rent Paid08/23/2012
Schedule SIndividual Income Tax Supplemental Schedule09/06/2012