Form K-99MT Kansas 1099 Specifications for Electronic Filing

Transmitter Record Payer Record Record according to specific 1099 Payee Totals Record State Totals Record 2012 INFORMATION RETURNS SPECIFICATIONS FOR ELECTRONIC FILING 915 SW Harrison St All information must be submitted as required by appropriate federal guidelines and modified by this document For technical questions concerning electronic filing call Electronic Services at 1 800 525 3901 or e mail w2efile@kdor ks gov Questions concerning filing requirements should be directed to Customer Relations at 785 368 8222 ELECTRONIC RECORDS THAT DO NOT CONFORM TO THE Electronic Services fax: 785 525 3901 K 99MT Rev 20121017 Nick Jordan Secretary Sam Brownback Governor Steve Stotts Director of Taxation Page 1 of 1 phone: 785 296 6993 RECORD FORMAT AND RECORD LAYOUT SPECIFICATIONS: Refer to IRS Publication 1220 for detailed descriptions of record formats and layout specifications Using the same format employers are required to file the informational returns with the Department of Revenue for all Kansas records SPECIFICATIONS DEFINED IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED STATE OF KANSAS AND IRS FORMAT The following information provides a brief overview of specifications for those employers who are either required or to submit information returns by electronic means in lieu of paper returns The Kansas Department of Revenue no longer accepts 1099s reports filed on magnetic media Kansas requires however that filers with 51 or more records per type of information return file by electronic means Most will be able to file through a Department developed web based application Filers with less than 51 records can also benefit from using the application All 1099s must be filed by the last day of February for the reporting year Additional information regarding the Kansas electronic filing process with the state of Kansas is available on our website: http://www ksrevenue org/forms btwh html The State of Kansas follows the IRS guidelines in regard to the filing of Information Returns per K S A 79 3222 The most common of these returns are 1099s Refer to IRS Publication 1220 for file layouts which are available on the IRS website: http://www irs gov/pub/irs pdf/p1220 pdf Topeka KS 66612 1588 www webtax org