2012 ME - Maine Tax Forms

1040C-ME-WkstSchedule 1040C -- Worksheet for Composite Filing for Nonresident Partners/Shareholders11/06/2012
Form 1040ES-MEvouchers and instructions for estimated tax payments09/28/2011
Form 1040EXT-MEextension payment voucher11/13/2012
1040-Inst-CreditTaxPaidInstructional pamphlet for credit for taxes paid to another jurisdiction12/17/2012
Form 1040ME1040ME form booklet (forms and instructions)12/18/2012
1040ME form1040ME form12/19/2012
Form 1040ME-PVpayment voucher for electronically filed returns09/20/2012
1040ME-Schd-1Schedule 1 income modifications / pension income deduction worksheet12/03/2012
1040ME-Schd-2Schedule 2 itemized deduction11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-ASchedule A adjustments to tax/child care credit worksheet11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-CPSchedule CP voluntary contributions and park pass purchases09/28/2012
1040ME-Schd-NRSchedule NR apportionment for nonresidents and part-year residents11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-NRHSchedule NRH apportionment for married person electing to file single01/24/2013
1040ME-Schd-NRH-InstInstructional pamphlet for Schedule NRH12/17/2012
1040ME-Schd-NR-InstInstructional pamphlet for Schedule NR12/18/2012
1040-Wkst-A-BWorksheets A and B residency information and income allocation for nonresidents and part-year residents11/19/2012
1040-Wkst-B-InstWorksheet B Instructions12/19/2012
1040-Wkst-CWorksheet C employee apportionment12/06/2012
1040-Wkst-CreditTaxPaidWorksheet for credit for taxes paid other jurisdiction12/19/2012
1040-Wkst-MinTaxMinimum Tax Credit worksheet11/16/2012
Form 1040X-MEAmended income tax return10/24/2012
1041 ME-Wkst1041ME Minimum Tax Worksheet12/10/2012
Form 1041ES-MEVouchers for estimated tax payments09/22/2011
Form 1041EXT-MEExtension Payment Voucher10/15/2012
Form 1041MEFiduciary Income Tax Return for resident and nonresident estates and trusts12/19/2012
1041ME-InstFiduciary Income Tax Return for resident and nonresident estates and trusts12/06/2012
1041ME-SchdASchedule A -- Adjustments to tax12/06/2012
1041ME-SchdNRSchedule NR -- Nonresident apportionment10/12/2012
Form 1099MESummary of amounts withheld from member for the year09/20/2011
Form 1120B1120B-ME Franchise tax booklet12/05/2012
Form 1120B-ESvouchers for estimated tax payments10/12/2011
Form 1120B-EXTExtension Payment Voucher10/19/2012
Form 1120ES-MEVouchers for estimated tax payments12/12/2012
Form 1120EXT-MEExtension payment voucher10/09/2012
Form 1120MECorporate income tax form09/11/2012
1120ME-InstCorporate income tax instructions11/19/2012
Form 1120W-MEWorksheet for calculating estimated tax payments09/14/2011
Form 1120X-MEAmended income tax return10/09/2012
Form 2210MEUnderpayment of estimated tax10/01/2012
2210ME-WkstAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet for Form 2210ME10/12/2012
Form 2220MEUnderpayment of estimated tax09/28/2012
Form 700-SOVEstate tax statement of value for lien discharge10/29/2012
Form 900MEPayment voucher for Maine income tax withheld10/11/2012
Form 901ES-MEPass-through entity withholding quarterly payment voucher09/28/2012
Form 941AF-ME941AF-ME Nonresident member affidavit and agreement to comply with Maine income tax09/21/2012
Form 941A-ME941A-ME Amended return of income tax withheld10/24/2012
941A-ME-InstInstructions for 941A-ME Amended return10/24/2012
941A-Schd2A-InstInstructions for Schedule 2A10/24/2012
Form 941BN-ME941BN-ME Business change notification01/25/2013
Form 941-C1Combined filing for income tax withholding and unemployment contributions10/24/2012
941-C1-Schd 2Quarterly Income Tax and Unemployment Wages Listing (Form 941/C1-ME)10/24/2012
941-C1-Schd 2-InstInstructions for 941/C1-ME and Schedule 2/C101/30/2013
Form 941CF-MENonresident member agreement to participate in a composite filing of Maine income tax09/21/2012
Form 941ME941ME Filing for income tax withholding10/24/2012
941ME-Schd 2Income Tax Withholding Listing Page10/24/2012
941ME-Schd 2-InstInstructions for 941ME and Schedule 201/30/2013
Form 941P-MEPass-through entity return of Maine income tax withheld from members01/25/2013
941P-ME-InstPass-through entity return of Maine income tax withheld from members01/30/2013
941P-ME-Schd-2PSchedule 2P -- Withholding listing page for Form 941P-ME05/18/2012
941P-ME-Schd-3PSchedule 3P -- List of Exempt Members for Form 941P-ME05/18/2012
Form C1A-MEC1A-ME Amended return of unemployment contributions01/25/2013
Form Estate-Filing-WSWorksheet for determining estate tax filing requirement11/06/2012
Form Estate-Lien-DischCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien11/06/2012
Form Estate-Lien-DischPRLCertificate of Discharge of Personal Representative Liability08/19/2011
Form Estate-Lien-DischTPPCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien on tangible personal property12/29/2011
Form CRcombined return for members of an affiliated group09/28/2012
Form Nexus-QuestCorporate nexus questionnaire09/07/2011
Schedule BMinimum Tax Worksheet for Schedule B09/28/2012
TaxRate-SchdTax Rate Schedule09/20/2011
Form TaxReg-AppApplication for Tax Registration01/29/2013
Form TaxTableTax Tables12/18/2012
Form Unitary-QuestCorporate unitary questionnaire09/07/2011
Form W-3ME2012 W-3ME Annual reconciliation of income tax withheld01/16/2013
Form W-4MEW-4ME Employees Maine withholding allowance certificate02/05/2013
Form WH-AV-CertWithholding Allowance Variance Certificate10/29/2012
Form WH-PercentMethodPercentage Method Schedule10/19/2012
Form WH-TablesWithholding tables11/15/2012
Form WH-TableSuppWithholding tables supplement10/19/2012