2012 MO - Missouri Tax Forms

Form 558Military Information11/16/2012
Form 948Assessor Certification11/29/2012
Form 2330Apportionment Schedule C - Financial Institutions12/18/2012
Form 2331Financial Institution Tax Schedule B12/06/2012
Form 2823Credit Institution Tax Return12/31/2012
Form 4096Authorization for Release of Confidential Information09/11/2012
Form 4282Employer's Tax Guide10/03/2012
Form 4340Individual Consumer's Use Tax Return01/15/2013
Form 4347Apportionment Schedule - Bank Franchise Tax Return12/18/2012
Form 4354Worksheet for Calculating Business Facility Credit, Enterprise Zone Modifications and Enterprise Zone Credit12/31/2012
Form 4711Missouri Income Tax Reference Guide01/08/2013
Form 4854Employer Withholding Tax Refund Request03/15/2010
Form 5071Corporate Investments In or Advances To Subsidiaries Schedule11/05/2012
Form 5335Withholding Compensation Worksheet03/30/2011
Form 2414WWithholding Tax E-file Due Dates12/02/2011
2823-InstGeneral Instructions - Credit Institution Tax Return12/31/2012
Form INT-2Bank Franchise Tax Return12/31/2012
Form INT-2-1Bank Franchise Tax Schedule BF12/18/2012
INT-2-InstGeneral Instructions - Bank Franchise Tax Return12/31/2012
Form INT-3Savings and Loan Association - Building and Loan Tax Return12/31/2012
INT-3-InstGeneral Instructions - Savings and Loan Tax Return12/31/2012
Form INT-4Credit Union Tax Return10/02/2012
INT-4-InstGeneral Instructions - Credit Union Tax Return01/02/2013
Form INT-5Farmer's Cooperative Credit Associations Intangible Property Tax Return10/02/2012
Form MO-1040Individual Income Tax Return - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)12/19/2012
Form MO-1040ASingle/Married with One Income Tax Return - Fillable and Calculating Form12/18/2012
MO-1040A-InstInformation to Complete MO-1040A12/12/2012
Form MO-1040ESEstimated Tax Declaration for Individuals01/03/2012
MO-1040ES-InstInformation to Complete MO-1040ES01/03/2012
MO-1040-InstInformation (and forms) to Complete MO-1040/MO-A01/15/2013
Form MO-1040PProperty Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)12/18/2012
MO-1040P-InstInformation to Complete MO-1040P12/13/2012
Form MO-1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher12/10/2012
Form MO-1041Missouri Fiduciary Income Return12/31/2012
MO-1041-InstMissouri Fiduciary Income Return Instructions01/02/2013
Form MO-1065Partnership Return of Income11/15/2012
Form MO-1120Corporation Income Tax/Franchise Tax Return and Form MO-FT12/28/2012
Form MO-1120ESEstimated Tax Declaration for Corporations12/13/2011
MO-1120-InstInformation to Complete MO-112001/30/2013
Form MO-1120SS Corporation Income Tax Return12/31/2012
MO-1120S-InstS Corporation Income Tax Return and Franchise Tax Return Instructions12/27/2012
Form MO-1120VCorporation Income and Franchise Tax Payment Voucher11/02/2012
Form MO-1120XCorporation Income Tax Amended Return for Years 1992 and Prior11/02/2012
MO-1120X-InstInformation to Complete MO-1120X11/05/2012
Form MO-1NRIncome Tax Payments for Nonresident Individual Partners or S Corporation Shareholders01/03/2012
Form MO-22Authorization and Consent of Subsidiary Corporation to be Included in a Missouri Consolidated Income Tax Return11/02/2012
Form MO-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax12/10/2012
Form MO-2220Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule12/27/2012
Form MO-2NRStatement of Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Partners or S Corporation Shareholders12/15/2011
Form MO-3NRPartnership / S Corporation Withholding Exemption / Revocation Agreement12/15/2011
Form MO-5090Net Operating Loss Addition Modification Worksheet12/28/2012
Form MO-60Application for Extension of Time to File - Individual11/19/2012
Form MO-7004Application for Extension of Time to File11/05/2012
Form MO-8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Internet or Electronic Filing01/08/2013
Form MO-851Affiliations Schedule11/05/2012
Form MO-8826Disabled Access Credit11/20/2012
Form MO-941Employer's Return of Income Taxes Withheld06/27/2012
Form MO-941CEmployer's Withholding Tax Return Correction12/19/2011
Form MO-941FEmployer's Withholding Tax Final Report11/25/2011
Form MO-AIndividual Income Tax Adjustments12/10/2012
Form MO-ATCAdoption Tax Credit Claim12/31/2012
Form MO-BTCBank Franchise Tax Credit Claim11/07/2011
Form MO-CMissouri Dividends Schedule12/28/2012
Form MO-CICChildren In Crisis Tax Credit Claim11/19/2012
Form MO-CRCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other States12/10/2012
Form MO-CRPCertification of Rent Paid for 201212/27/2012
Form MO-FTCorporation Franchise Tax Schedule (must be filed with the 2011 MO-1120 or MO-1120S)07/10/2012
Form MO-HEAHome Energy Audit Expense12/10/2012
Form MO-JTCNew Jobs Training Program Employers Withholding Form11/05/2012
Form MO-MJPManufacturing Jobs Program Employers Withholding Report11/05/2012
Form MO-MSCorporation Allocation and Apportionment of Income12/31/2012
MO-MS-InstSchedule MO-MS Instructions12/31/2012
Form MO-MSSS Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Form11/02/2012
MO-MSS-InstS Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Form Instructions01/08/2013
Form MO-NBINonbusiness Income Schedule12/27/2012
Form MO-NFTNo Franchise Tax Due09/30/2011
Form MO-NRFNonresident Fiduciary Form11/05/2012
Form MO-NRIMissouri Income Percentage12/10/2012
Form MO-NRPNonresident Partnership Form11/15/2012
Form MO-NRSS Corporation Nonresident Form01/02/2013
Form MO-PTCProperty Tax Credit Claim - Fillable and Calculating Form12/18/2012
Form MO-PTC_Claim_ChartProperty Tax Credit Claim Chart for Determining Credit for Refund12/18/2012
MO-PTC-InstInformation (and forms) to Complete MO-PTC12/13/2012
Form MO-PTSProperty Tax Credit12/12/2012
Form MO-PTS_Claim_ChartProperty Tax Credit Claim Chart for Determining Credit for Refund12/10/2012
MO-PTS-Inst_1040Information to Complete MO-PTS (Form MO-1040)12/10/2012
MO-PTS-Inst_1040PInformation to Complete MO-PTS (Form MO-1040P)12/18/2012
Form MO-QJPQuality Jobs Program Employers Withholding Report11/05/2012
Form MO-RJCJob Retention Training Program Credit11/05/2012
Form MO-SCCShared Care Tax Credit12/20/2012
Form MO-SHCSelf-Employed Health Insurance Tax Credit12/31/2012
Form MO-TCMiscellaneous Income Tax Credits12/10/2012
Form MO-W-3Transmittal of Tax Statements12/09/2011
Form MO-W-4Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate08/28/2012
Form MO-W-4ACertificate of Non-Residence/Allocation of Withholding Tax11/01/2011
Form MO-W-4CWithholding Affidavit for Missouri Residents11/04/2011
Form MO-W-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Statements11/10/2011