Form 83-125 Business Income Apportionment Schedule

(Add Lines 6a 6b and 6c) (Attach Schedule and Enter Ratio on Form 83 122 Line 19) (Divide Line 1c By Two) (Divide Line 5c By Two) (Divide Line 5f By Two) (Divide Line 6d By Three) (Enter Annual Rental Property Multiplied By Eight) (Enter Ratio On Form 83 122 Line 19) (From Part I Line 1g Column C) (From Part I Line 2 Column C) (From Part I Line 3 Column C) (From Part I Line 3 Column C) (Line 1a Plus Line 1b) (Line 1d Plus Line 1e) (Line 1f Column A Divided By Line 1f Column B) (Line 2 Column A Divided By Line 2 Column B) (Line 3 Column A Divided By Line 3 Column B) (Line 5a Plus Line 5b) (Line 5d Plus Line 5e) (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) a Beginning of Taxable Year Airlines Motor Carriers Express b End of Taxable Year c Total Companies Telephone and d Average Net Book Value of Assets e Rental Property f Total Financial Institutions Pipelines g Mississippi Property Factor Manufacturers That Sell Merchandising or Wholesaling Mississippi or Manufacturers That Sell Principally At Retail Principally At Wholesale Retailing Renting Servicing Telegraph Companies (Enter Ratio On Form 83 122 Line 19) 1 PROPERTY FACTOR 2 PAYROLL FACTOR 3 SALES FACTOR 4 Sales Factor 5a Property Factor 5b Payroll Factor 5c Subtotal 5d Average 5e Sales Factor 5f Total 5g Weighted Average 6a Property Factor 6b Payroll Factor 6c Sales Factor 6d Total 6e Average 7 Special Formula Required A Total Mississippi Apportionment Ratio B Total Everywhere Business Income Apportionment Schedule C Mississippi Ratio Form 83 125 12 8 1 000 (Rev 05/12) PART I: COMPUTATION OF APPORTIONMENT FACTORS PART II: APPLICATION OF APPORTIONMENT FACTORS (Check One)