Form D-422 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals

(a) 4/15/12 (b) 6/15/12 (c) 9/15/12 (d) 1/15/13 1 2012 tax from Form D 400 line 18 2 Tax credits from 2012 Form D 400 lines 19 and 25 3 Line 1 minus line 2 1 1 2013 you do not owe interest Enter the letter F in the exception box next to line 27d ofForm D 400 10 Enter the total amount if any of estimated tax payments you made 10 11 Add lines 9 and 10 11 12 12 Tax by Individuals 12 Total underpayment for year Line 8 minus line 11 (If zero or less stop here; you do not owe interest) 12 13 Multiply line 12 by 03325 and enter the result 13 14 If the amount on line 12 was paid on or after 4/15/13 enter 0 If paid before 4/15/13 make the following computation to find the amount to enter on line 14 15 Interest on the underpayment Line 13 minus line 14 Enter the result here and on Form D 400 line 27d Amount on line 12 X X 00014 Number of days paid before 4/15/13 14 16 Divide line 8 by 4 and enter the result in each column Exception: If you use the annualized income installment method complete Form D 422A (Annualized Income Installment Worksheet) and check this box 17 Estimated tax paid and tax withheld For column (a) only enter the amount from line 17 on line 21 (If line 17 is equal to or more than line 16 for each payment period stop here; you do not owe interest ) Complete lines 18 through 24 of one column before going to the next column 18 Enter amount if any from line 24 of previous column 19 Add lines 17 and 18 20 Add amounts on lines 22 and 23 of the previous column and enter the result 21 Subtract line 20 from line 19 and enter the result If zero or less enter zero (For column (a) only enter the amount from line 17 ) 22 Remaining underpayment from previous period If the amount on line 21 is 0 subtract line 19 from line 20 and enter the result Otherwise enter 0 23 Underpayment If line 16 is larger than or equal to line 21 subtract line 21 from line 16 and enter the result Enter 0 on line 18 of the next column and go to line 19 Otherwise go to line 24 24 Overpayment If line 21 is larger than line 16 subtract line 16 from line 21 and enter the result Then go to line 18 of next column 16 25 Days: Days: Days: Days: 26 $ $ $ $ 27 Interest on the underpayment (Add amounts on line 26 ) Enter here and on Form D 400 line 27d 4 Multiply line 3 by 90% ( 90) or 66 2/3% ( 6667) for farmers and commercial fishermen 4 5 Withholding taxes from 2012 Form D 400 line 23a plus line 23b 6 Line 3 minus line 5 If less than $1 000 stop here; do not complete this form You do not owe interest 7 Enter your 2011 tax (amount from line 14 less tax credit(s) claimed on lines 15 21 and 22) 8 Required annual payment Enter the smaller of line 4 or line 7 5 9 Enter the amount if any from line 5 above 9 apply to your 2012 estimated tax If you file April 15 2012 April 15 2013 25 Number of days after the date shown above line 25 through the date the amount on line 23 was paid or 4/15/13 whichever is earlier 26 Underpayment on line 23 (see instructions) X 05X Number of days on line 25 365 4/15/12 6/15/12 9/15/12 1/15/13 D 422 Underpayment of Estimated determine the amount owed since the amount of Do not file this form with your return Keep it for your records Farmers and Fishermen: If you are a farmer in the last quarter only Include your estimated tax paid for eachpayment period Also include any 2011overpayment of tax which you elected to income tax return STOP HERE You do not owe interest and you do not have to completethis form Instructions interest for a farmer or fisherman is determined Line 16 If your income varies during the year for example you receive unexpected or seasonalincome not subject to withholding in April or later you may be able to lower the amount you owe bycompleting Form D 422A Annualized Income Installment Worksheet If you annualizeyour income for any payment period you mustannualize it for all periods Line 17 Complete line 17 as follows: Line 23 If line 23 is zero for all payment periods you do not owe interest Line 25 Figure the number of days after thedue date of an installment through the date theestimated tax was paid or through April 15 2013 whichever is earlier regardless of whichinstallment the payment was for For example ifline 23 column (a) shows an underpayment anylater payment of estimated tax is considered thedate line 23 column (a) was paid to the extent ofthe underpayment If April 15 2013 is earlier enter365 304 212 and 90 respectively in columns (a) (b) (c) and (d) Line 6 If this line is less than $1 000 you donot owe interest Line 7 Figure your 2011 tax by subtractingthe tax credits on lines 15 21 and 22 from the tax on line 14 of your 2011 return If you were Line By Line Instructions Name(s) shown on tax return Social Security Number North Carolina Department of Revenue Note: If line 5 is equal to or more than line 8 stop here You do not owe interest NOTE: If you made estimated tax payments theshort method will give the precise amount onlyif your payments were made exactly on the duedates If any payment was made earlier thanthe due date you may use the short method but using it may cause you to pay more interestthan the regular method If the payment is onlya few days early the difference will generally be small Do Not use the short method if you madeany of your payments late Important: A farmer or a fisherman and pay the tax due by March or fisherman cannot use the short method to Part I Required Annual Payment All filers must complete this part Part II Short Method Read the instructions for the Short Method before you complete this part It cannot be used in all circumstances Part III Regular Method Purpose of Form Use this form to see if youowe interest for underpaying your estimatedtax Complete Part I to determine the requiredannual payment Complete either Part II or Part III to determine the interest that you owe If you Regular Method required to file a return for 2011 but have not filed do not complete this line Instead enter Section A Figure Your Underpayment Payment Due Dates (If the payment due date falls on a Saturday Sunday or holiday the payment is due on or before the next business day ) Section B Figure the Interest on Underpayment (Complete lines 25 and 26 of one column before going to the next column) Short Method the amount from line 4 on line 8 Use the regular method to figure the interest if were not required to file a 2011 North Carolina You are considered to have paid anywithheld State income tax evenly over theperiod you worked during the year unlessyou can show otherwise If you worked allyear divide the total amount withheld by 4 and enter the result in each column you are not eligible to use the short method Touse the regular method complete Part I belowand Part III on the back You made no estimated tax payments (oryour only payments were withheld NorthCarolina income tax); or You may use the short method only if: You paid estimated tax in four equal amountson the due dates your return and pay the tax due by January31 2013 include on line 17 column (d) theamount of tax you pay with your return