2012 NE - Nebraska Tax Forms

Form 1027Exemption Application for Qualified Beginning Farmer or Livestock Producer06/25/2012
Form 1040N2012 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return01/07/2013
1040N-SchdSchedules I, II, and III01/07/2013
Form 1040N-ES-20132013 Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher11/15/2012
Form 1040N-ES2012 Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher05/10/2012
Form 1040N-V2012 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher10/29/2012
Form 1040XN2012 Amended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return12/06/2012
Form 1065N2012 Nebraska Return of Partnership Income and Schedule A01/03/2013
1065N-SchdSchedules I, ELF, and II01/03/2013
Form 1065N-K12012 Schedule K-1N Partner's Share of Income, Deductions Modifications, and Credits01/03/2013
Form 1120N2012 Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return and Schedules A, I, and II10/29/2012
1120N-SchdSchedule III and IV10/29/2012
Form 1120N-ES2012 Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers12/06/2011
Form 1120N-ES-20132013 Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers11/21/2012
Form 1120NF2012 Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return11/09/2012
Form 1120NF-ES2012 Nebraska Financial Institution Voluntary Estimated Voucher and Worksheet11/09/2012
Form 1120-SN2012 Nebraska S Corporation Income Tax Return and Schedule A12/31/2012
1120-SN-SchdSchedule I, III, and III12/12/2012
1120-SN-Schd K-1N2012 Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Modifications, and Credits12/12/2012
Form 1120XNAmended Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return11/05/2012
Form 1120XNF2012 Amended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return11/08/2012
Form 1310NStatement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Person10/31/2011
Form 2210N2012 Individual Underpayment of Estimated Tax01/28/2013
Form 2220N2012 Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax10/29/2012
Form 2441N2012 Nebraska Child and Dependent Care Expenses10/29/2012
Form 4466N2012 Corporation Application for Adjustmentof Overpayment of Estimated Income Tax10/29/2012
Form 4797N2012 Special Capital Gains/Extraordinary Dividend Election and Computation10/29/2012
Form 4868NApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File a NE Individual Income Tax Return04/17/2012
Form 501NNebraska Monthly Withholding Deposit10/29/2012
Form 7004NApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corp., Fid., or Partnership Return12/12/2012
Form 775NNebraska Employment and Investment Growth Act Credit Computation09/09/2011
775P-Schd-ISchedule I - Turbine-Powered Aircraft05/30/2012
775P-Schd-IISchedule II - Mainframe Computers and Peripherals08/06/2012
775P-Schd-IIISchedule III - Business Equipment05/31/2012
Form 8453N2012 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Transmittal for E-Filed Returns01/10/2013
Form 872NNebraska Extension of Statute of Limitations Agreement02/27/2012
Form 8874N-ANotice of Qualified Equity Investment--New Markets Job Growth Investment Tax Credit12/28/2012
Form 941NNebraska Withholding Return01/22/2013
Form CDN2012 Nebraska Community Development Assistance Act Credit Computation10/26/2012
Form Corp-NOLNebraska Corporation Net Operating Loss Worksheet11/08/2012
Form E911NNebraska Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Return01/10/2013
Form L1L2Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act Application03/02/2012
L1L2 Wkst IWorksheet I for Applications 2007 or Later02/09/2010
L1L2 Wkst IIWorksheet II for Applications 2006 or Later02/09/2010
Form LMNebraska Advantage Rural Development Act Application for Livestock Modernization Projects03/02/2012
LM WkstWorksheet LM for Livestock Modernization Project Only02/09/2010
Form NFC2012 Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit10/29/2012
NOL WkstNebraska Net Operating Loss Worksheet11/05/2012
Form RC73Nebraska Retailer's Claim for Exempt Sales of Motor Fuels10/20/2009
Form TAA-50GTemporary Agency Agreement for County/City Lottery Licenses04/26/2006
Form W-3NNebraska Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld11/06/2012
Form W-4NANebraska Withholding Certificate for Nonresident Individuals11/09/2012