2012 OH - Ohio Tax Forms

Form CFT-RatesSchedule of Ohio Franchise Tax Rates, Litter Tax Rates, Interest and Penalty12/28/2012
Form D5Notification of Dissolution or Surrender08/10/2012
Form ET12Application for Consent to Transfer Property or Other Interest of a Resident Decedent12/03/2012
Form ET12AApplication for Consent to Transfer Property or Other Interest of a Nonresident Decedent12/03/2012
Form ET13Application for Consent to Transfer the Proceeds of Insurance Contracts, Employer Death Benefits and Retirement Plans for Resident and Nonresident Decedents12/03/2012
Form ET14Resident Tax Release10/17/2011
Form ET14ANonresident Tax Release11/08/2012
Form ET17Ohio Estate and Additional Tax Estimated Payment Notice10/17/2011
Form ET18Close Corporation Valuation Form08/13/2012
Form ET2Estate Tax Return and Instructions for Estates With Dates of Death on or After Jan. 1, 2002 With Gross Value Over $338,33311/30/2012
Form ET21Application for Certificate of Release of Ohio Estate Tax Lien05/09/2012
Form ET22Certificate of Estate Tax Payment and Real Property Disclosure for Dates of Death on or after Nov. 8, 1990.12/21/2012
Form ET24Application for Extension of Time to File Ohio Estate Tax Return08/13/2012
ET2-Sched-ASchedule A Real Estate07/06/2011
ET2-Sched-BSchedule B Stocks and Bonds08/13/2012
ET2-Sched-CSchedule C Mortgages, Notes and Cash08/13/2012
ET2-Sched-DSchedule D Insurance07/06/2011
ET2-Sched-E-ISchedule E Part I Joint and Survivorship Assets08/13/2012
ET2-Sched-E-IISchedule E Part II Joint and Survivorship Assets07/08/2011
ET2-Sched-FSchedule F Miscellaneous Property07/07/2011
ET2-Sched-GSchedule G Transfers During Decedent's Life07/07/2011
ET2-Sched-HSchedule H Powers of Appointment07/06/2011
ET2-Sched-ISchedule I Annuities, Pensions, Retirement and Other Employer Death Benefit Plans04/18/2011
ET2-Sched-JSchedule J Debts and Administration Expenses07/06/2011
ET2-Sched-KSchedule K Charitable Deduction07/06/2011
ET2-Sched-LSchedule L Marital Deduction Reconciliation07/13/2011
ET2-Sched-M-ISchedule M Part I Bequests to Surviving Spouse07/07/2011
ET2-Sched-M-IISchedule M Part II Bequests to Surviving Spouse07/06/2011
Form ET2XAmended Ohio Estate Tax Resident Return12/13/2012
Form ET34Qualified Farm Property ValuationElection Application05/09/2012
Form ET35Worksheet for Developing the Value of Qualified Farm Property08/08/2011
Form ET36Qualified Farm Property Annual Report for Estate Tax Valuation08/13/2012
Form ET4Ohio Nonresident Estate Tax Return05/09/2012
Form ET41Application for Extension of Time to Pay Ohio Estate Tax05/01/2012
Form ET5Ohio Estate and Additional Tax Return Filing Notice10/17/2011
Form FT1120Ohio Corporation Franchise Tax Report05/10/2012
Form FT1120COhio Corporation Franchise Tax (Combined Report) Worksheet05/11/2012
Form FT1120E-ER-EXEstimated Corporation Franchise Tax Payment for Tax Year 201205/17/2012
Form FT1120FIOhio Corporation Franchise Tax Report for Financial Institutions10/06/2011
FT1120FI-InstInstructions for Ohio Corporation Franchise Tax Report for Financial Institutions03/09/2012
FT1120-InstInstructions for Ohio Corporation Franchise Tax Report12/06/2011
Form FT1120VLValuation Limitation on Gains and Losses From Sales or Exchanges of Capital Assets on I.R.C. Section 1231 Assets08/16/2010
Form FTCOMRequest for Permission to File or to Amend a Combined Corporation Franchise Tax Report07/21/2010
Form FTHELPSpecial Handling Required08/16/2010
Form FTOTASOhio Taxpayer's Affiliation Schedule -- Generic07/28/2010
Form FTQHCQualifying Holding Company Election07/28/2010
Form FTREFApplication for Corporation Franchise Tax Refund08/20/2010
Form Grant-Req7.5%-13.5% Grant for Purchases of New Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Taxpayer's Taxable Year Ending in 201210/02/2012
Form IT-1Application for Registration as an Ohio Withholding Agent06/18/2012
Form IT-10Ohio Income Tax Information Notice11/08/2012
Form IT-1040Ohio Individual Income Tax Return01/22/2013
IT-1040-BkltOhio Individual Income Tax Return12/13/2012
Form IT-1040ESIncome Tax Estimated Payment Vouchers and Instructions08/07/2012
Form IT-1040EZOhio Individual Income Tax EZ Return12/20/2012
Form IT-1040XOhio Amended Individual Income Tax Return01/09/2013
Form IT-1041Ohio Fiduciary Income Tax Return12/21/2012
Form IT-1041ESOhio Estimated Income Tax Payment Coupon for Estates and Trusts08/10/2012
Form IT-1041EXTOhio Income Tax Extension Payment Coupon for Estates and Trusts05/09/2012
IT-1041-InstOhio Fiduciary Income Tax Return Instructions12/28/2012
Form IT-1041POhio Income Tax Payment Coupon for Estates and Trusts12/20/2012
Form IT-1140Pass-Through Entity and Trust Withholding Tax Return01/25/2013
Form IT-1140ESOhio Estimated Withholding Tax Payment Coupon for Pass-Through Entities and Trusts06/21/2012
Form IT-1140EXTOhio Withholding Tax Extension Payment Coupon for Pass-Through Entities and Trusts01/17/2013
IT-1140-InstPass-Through Entity and Trust Withholding Tax Return Instructions12/28/2012
Form IT-1140POhio Withholding Tax Payment Coupon for Pass-Through Entities and Trusts01/11/2013
Form IT-2Wage and Tax Statement02/23/2011
Form IT-2023Income Allocation and Apportionment Nonresident Credit and Part-Year Resident Credit12/19/2012
IT-2023-InstInstructions for Allocating and Apportioning Income Solely for Purposes of Computing the Nonresident Credit and the Part-Year Resident Credit for Individuals and Estates12/26/2012
Form IT-3Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statement11/09/2011
Form IT-4Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate12/18/2008
Form IT-4 MILMilitary Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate05/17/2011
Form IT-40PIncome Tax Payment Voucher12/19/2012
Form IT-4708Composite Income Tax Return for Certain Investors in a Pass-Through Entity01/28/2013
Form IT-4708ESOhio Estimated Income Tax Payment Coupon for Investors in Pass-Through Entities06/25/2012
Form IT-4708EXTOhio Income Tax Extension Payment Coupon for Investors in Pass-Through Entities01/17/2013
IT-4708-InstAnnual Composite Income Tax Return Instructions for Certain Investors in a Pass-Through Entity12/28/2012
Form IT-4708POhio Income Tax Payment Coupon for Investors in Pass-Through Entities12/21/2012
Form IT-4NREmployee's Statement of Residency in a Reciprocity State05/02/2011
Form IT-501Employer's Payment of Ohio Tax Withheld05/17/2011
Form IT-941Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld06/24/2011
Form IT-941XAmended Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld05/17/2011
Form IT-ARApplication for Personal Income Tax Refund05/02/2011
Form IT-DAAffidavit for Non-Ohio Residency/Domicile for Taxable Year 201212/17/2012
Form IT-DA-NMAffidavit of Non-Ohio Domicile for Taxable Years 2006 and Prior -- Nonmilitary06/25/2012
Form IT-HELPSpecial Handling Required12/16/2008
Form IT-MIL SPExemption from Withholding -- Military Spouse Employee10/23/2012
Form IT-NOLNet Operating Loss Carryback Worksheet08/17/2011
Form IT-SD 2210Interest Penalty on Underpayment of Ohio or School District Income Tax -- Long Method12/19/2012
Form IT-SD 2210-ShortInterest Penalty on Underpayment of Ohio or School District Income Tax -- Short Method12/18/2012
Form IT-WHCChange of Ohio Employer, Name, Address or Status02/23/2012
Form LS-WKSOhio Individual Income Tax Lump Sum Distribution Instructions08/31/2012
Form Nexus-QuestNexus Questionnaire for Corporation Franchise Tax and Pass-Through Entities06/24/2011
Form PRPetition for Reassessment - All Taxes06/26/2012
Schd-EEBusiness Credits Schedule01/09/2013
Form SD-100ESchool District Estate Income Tax Return and Instructions -- All Taxable Years01/10/2013
Form SD-100E-ESSchool District Estimated Income Tax Voucher for Estates01/18/2013
Form SD-100ESSchool District Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for Individuals12/27/2011
Form SD-101-ADJSchool District Withholding Adjustments Worksheet12/15/2009
Form SD-101-LongEmployer's Payment of School District Income Tax Withheld12/20/2012
Form SD-101-ShortEmployer's Payment of School District Income Tax Withheld01/06/2012
Form SD-141School District Employer's Annual Reconciliation12/20/2012
Form SD-141XAmended School District Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Tax Withheld03/05/2010
Form WH-1Ohio Employer Withholding Tax - General Guidelines11/08/2011
Form WT-8655Withholding Tax Payroll Service Company Authorization and Release10/18/2012
Form WT-ARApplication for Income Tax Withholding Refund01/23/2013