2012 OR - Oregon Tax Forms

Form 10Underpayment of 2012 Oregon Estimated Tax01/03/2013
Form 20Oregon Corporation Excise Tax Return11/28/2012
Form 24Like-Kind Exchanges/Involuntary Conversions12/10/2008
Form 37Underpayment of Oregon Corporation Estimated Tax and Instructions12/11/2012
Form 40Claim to Refund Due a Deceased Person07/26/2010
Form 41Oregon Fiduciary Income Tax Return11/29/2012
Form 65Oregon Partnership Return of Income11/28/2012
Form 20-IOregon Corporation Income Tax Return11/28/2012
Form 20-INSOregon Insurance Excise Tax Return12/05/2012
Form 20-SOregon S Corporation Tax Return12/05/2012
Form 20-VOregon Corporation Tax Payment Voucher and Instructions11/20/2012
Form 40-ESVFull-Year Resident Individual Income Tax Return11/08/2012
Form 40-EXTEstimated Income Tax Payment Voucher11/29/2012
Form 40NApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Oregon Individual Income Tax Return01/07/2013
Form 40PNonresident Individual Income Tax Return11/29/2012
Form 40-VPart-Year Resident Individual Income Tax Return11/08/2012
Form 41-VOregon Fiduciary Payment Voucher and Instructions12/12/2012
Form 90ROregon Elderly Rental Assistance (ERA)01/09/2013
Form Affidavit-NRAffidavit for a Nonresident Owner in a Pass-Through Entity12/08/2008
Amended-InstAmended Schedule and Instructions12/31/2012
AP-SchdApportionment of Income for Corporations and Partnerships12/11/2012
Form ASC-CORPSchedule ASC-CORP12/19/2012
Form BPCBiomass Producer and Collector Credit01/10/2011
Form COAChange of Address/Name02/27/2008
Form Credit-CropDonationCrop Donation Tax Credit12/08/2008
Form Credit-EzoneLong-Term Enterprise Zone Facilities Credit11/21/2012
Credit-FormWorker-CertAnnual Certification for Farmworker Housing Credit10/18/2011
Form Credit-LendersLender's Credit12/18/2012
Form Credit-LowIncCGLow-Income Caregiver Credit12/08/2008
Form Credit-ResearchQualified Research Activities Credit12/18/2012
Credit-ResZone-WkstReservation Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Worksheet11/21/2012
Form Credit-WorkCompWorkers' Compensation Insurance Tax Credit12/11/2012
CR-WkstClaim of Right Income Repayments12/08/2008
Form Disability-CertDisability Certification01/17/2006
Form DLR-ReqRequest for Doubtful Liability Relief12/21/2004
Form EFIndividual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing10/17/2011
Form EFTDebit ACH Estimated Tax Payment Application02/23/2010
Form ESERCredit ACH Estimated Tax Payment Application02/26/2010
ExemptInc-SchdExempt Income Schedule for Enrolled Members of a Federally Recognized American Indian Tribe07/07/2010
Form FCG-20Farm Liquidation Long-Term Capital Gain Tax Rate11/30/2011
Form FIA-40Farm Income Averaging (full-year resident)12/11/2012
Form FIA-40NFarm Income Averaging (part-year resident and nonresident)12/11/2012
Form FinCondition-StmtStatement of Financial Condition for Individuals04/17/2012
Form Fin-StmtFinancial Statement02/20/2008
K-1-SchdFor Individual Owners of Pass-Through Entities12/31/2012
Form LTDLane Transit District Self-Employment Tax11/29/2012
Form LTD-VTransit Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher11/16/2011
MPC-SchdMobile Home Park Closure06/16/2009
NRC-SchdOregon Natural Resource or Commercial Fishing Business Property Credit Form and Instructions07/05/2012
Form OC-ReturnOregon Composite Return01/07/2013
Form OR-18Report of tax payments on Real Property Conveyances (includes Form TPV-18 and Form WC)11/30/2012
Form OR-19Annual report of nonresident owner payments and Oregon affidavit11/19/2012
Form OR706Oregon Estate Transfer Tax Return and Instructions11/15/2012
Form OR706-AOregon Additional Estate Transfer Tax Return and Instructions02/07/2013
Form OR706-DischargeRequest for Discharge from Personal Liability for Form06/28/2012
Form OR706-VOregon Estate Transfer Tax Payment Voucher and Instructions06/28/2012
OR-ASC-NP-SchdOregon Adjustments for Form 40N and Form 40P Filers11/08/2012
OR-ASC-SchdOregon Adjustments for Form 40 Filers11/08/2012
OSMP-SchdOregon Special Marital Property Form and Instructions06/28/2012
Form POA-TaxTax Information Authorization and Power of Attorney for Representation04/05/2012
P-SchdForm 41 PY Resident Trust Computation of Tax06/28/2012
Schd-DepreciationOregon Depreciation Schedule01/07/2013
Form Settlement-AppSettlement Offer application06/16/2011
Form SettlementOffer-AppSettlement Offer application06/16/2011
Form SPSSeverance Pay Subtraction01/11/2011
Form TCATax Credit Auction Bidder Information and Agreement Form09/25/2012
Form TMTriMet Self-Employment Tax11/29/2012
Form TM-VTransit Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher11/16/2011
Form TSE-APTransit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment Worksheet12/27/2012
Form W-2-StmtEmployee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement (Substitute W-2)06/08/2004
Form WFC-DPVerification of Disabled Parent or Guardian for Oregon Working Family Child Care Credit12/08/2008
WFC-NP-SchdOregon Working Family Child Care Credit for Part-Year Residents and Nonresidents11/08/2012
WFC-SchdOregon Working Family Child Care Credit for Full-Year Residents11/08/2012