Form INH-301-Schd-A Schedule A - Real Estate

(For jointly owned property that must be disclosed on Schedule E see the instructions for Schedule E) (Real Estate that is part of a sole proprietorship should be shown on Schedule F) 1 Total 2 Total (From any attached sheets) 3 Total (Add Lines 1 & 2 enter here and also on Page 3 Line 1 A) Estate of: INTERNET (1 98) ITEM NO FAIR MARKET VALUATION AMOUNT OF DECREASE SPECIAL USE VALUATION ITEM NO SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION AND USE OF THE QUALIFIED REAL PROPERTY SCHEDULE AND ITEM NUMBER OF LOCATION WITHIN THIS RETURN CALCULATION OF SPECIAL USE VALUE Item Number Description Accrued Rents or Income Alternate Value Value at Date of Death PROPERTY VALUED FOR SPECIAL USE RV F1400101 INTERNET (1 98) SUMMARY TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE TOTAL WORKSHEET