2012 UT - Utah Tax Forms

Form TC-131Statement of a person claiming refund due a deceased taxpayer08/27/2012
Form TC-161Utah Registration for Exemption from Corporate Franchise or Income Tax01/28/2010
Form TC-20Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return12/24/2012
Form TC-20CCorporation franchise notice of change01/06/2003
TC-20-InstCorporation Franchise or Income Tax Return-Inst11/19/2012
Form TC-20LUtah Application for Refund from a Corporation Loss Carryback01/12/2011
Form TC-20MCUtah Tax Return for Miscellaneous Corporations12/24/2012
TC-20MC-InstUtah Tax Return-Inst for Miscellaneous Corporations11/19/2012
Form TC-20SSmall Business Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return01/02/2013
TC-20S-InstSmall Business Corporation Franchise or Income Tax-Inst11/19/2012
Form TC-40Utah Individual Income Tax Return12/27/2012
TC-40 PacketUtah Individual Income Tax Return Packet containing the basic forms used by most taxpayers01/22/2013
Form TC-40ASchedule A - Income Tax Supplemental Schedule12/27/2012
Form TC-40BSchedule B - Non or Part-year Resident Utah Income Schedule01/22/2013
Form TC-40CSchedule C - Retirement Credit Schedule11/27/2012
Form TC-40DDependent with a Disability Exemption10/17/2012
Form TC-40HHistoric Preservation Tax Credit07/02/2012
Form TC-40HDEmployers Who Hire Persons With Disabilities Tax Credit07/02/2012
TC-40-InstUtah Individual Income Tax Return-Inst11/26/2012
Form TC-40LISummary of Utah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit07/02/2012
Form TC-40LICUtah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Carryback and/or Carryforward07/02/2012
Form TC-40LISCredit Share Summary of Low-Income Housing Project12/29/2008
Form TC-40RRecycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit04/09/2012
Form TC-40SCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another State12/27/2012
Form TC-40TLive Organ Donation Expenses Credit12/29/2008
Form TC-40TBTargeted Business Tax Credit07/02/2012
Form TC-40TSTax Shelter Disclosure for Material Advisors12/29/2008
Form TC-40VClean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit07/11/2012
Form TC-40WTC-40 Withholding Schedules12/27/2012
Form TC-41Utah Fiduciary Income Tax Return11/27/2012
TC-41 PacketUtah Fiduciary Income Tax Return. Note: You might need to use Adobe Reader to view this file; other PDF viewers might not work (such as Preview on the Macintosh)01/22/2013
Form TC-41AFiduciary Supplemental Schedule11/27/2012
Form TC-41BNon or Part-year Resident Estate or Trust Income Schedule11/27/2012
Form TC-41CBankruptcy Estate Schedule01/22/2013
TC-41-InstUtah Fiduciary Income Tax-Inst11/27/2012
Form TC-41KBeneficiaries' Share of Income, Deductions, and Credits11/27/2012
Form TC-41K-1Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, and Credits11/27/2012
Form TC-41SCredit for Fiduciary Income Tax Paid to Another State11/27/2012
Form TC-41WUtah Withholding Schedules11/14/2012
Form TC-42Application for a Letter of Good Standing06/03/2009
Form TC-51Nexus Questionnaire10/01/2002
Form TC-544Partnership Return Payment Coupon12/27/2011
Form TC-546Individual Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (This is NOT an extension form)12/19/2011
Form TC-547Individual Income Tax Return Payment Coupon12/19/2011
Form TC-548Fiduciary Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (This is NOT an extension form)12/19/2011
Form TC-549Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment Coupon12/19/2011
Form TC-559Corporate/Partnership Payment Coupon12/07/2011
Form TC-65Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return of Income01/24/2013
TC-65-InstInstructions for Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return11/19/2012
Form TC-675RStatement of Utah Tax Withheld on Mineral Production07/09/2012
Form TC-763WTWithholding Tax Surety Bond10/14/2005
Form TC-804Individual Income Tax Payment Agreement Request12/27/2011
Form TC-831Request to Elect-out of Electronic Filing12/27/2011
Form TC-8857Request For Innocent Spouse Relief10/29/2008
Form TC-889Mineral Production Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate07/14/2008
Form TC-941Utah Withholding Return08/25/2011
Form TC-941DDiscrepancy Report for Annual Withholding Reconciliation06/06/2012
Form TC-941PCPayment Coupon for Utah Withholding Tax12/09/2009
Form TC-941RUtah Annual Withholding Reconciliation02/17/2011
TC-941R-WkstWorksheet for Nonresident Professional Athletes01/20/2011
Form TC-97MUtah Medical Savings Account Reconciliation10/25/1999