Form TC-40TB Targeted Business Tax Credit

business utah gov/incentives/enterprise zones (GOED) 324 S State Street Suite 500 SLC UT 84111; Telephone 801 538 8804; Allocated cap amount the business applicant may claim for this taxable year Credit amount the business applicant may claim for this taxable year PLEASE READ: Refer to the instructions for your INCOMETAX (TC 40) CORPORATE TAX (TC 20 orTC 20S) or FIDUCIARYTAX (TC 41) return to determine the line number on which you will record this credit The credit code is "40" for all returns Date signed Do not send this form with your return Keep this form and all related documents with your records EIN or SSN GOED Authorized signature Mailing address Maximum credit the business applicant is eligible for in this taxable year Name of taxpayer or business claiming credit Physical street address Qualifying taxpayers may take a credit against their individual income tax corporate franchise or income tax or fiduciary tax The credit is allowed only in the taxable year for which the credit is authorized For information regarding how to qualify for the targeted business tax credit contact the Governor's Office of Economic Development Reductions in the maximum credit because of failure to comply with requirements State Targeted Business Income Tax Credit Get forms online tax utah gov Rev 7/12 Taxable year Taxpayers may not claim the recycling market development zone tax credit or the enterprise zone tax credit in a year they claim this tax credit TC 40TB Telephone # Utah State Tax Commission Zip code Zone of eligibility