2012 VT - Vermont Tax Forms

Form 176Statement of Claimant to Refund Due on Behalf of Deceased Taxpayer05/02/2012
Form 8821VT Authorization to Release Tax Information10/03/2011
Form 8821-VTAuthorization to Release Tax Information10/03/2011
Form BA-402Apportionment and Allocation Schedule09/19/2012
Form BA-403Extension of Time Application10/02/2012
Form BA-404Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward10/19/2012
Form BA-405Expired VEPC Credit: Annual Activity Report07/06/2012
Form BA-410Corporate Income Tax Affiliation Schedule10/01/2012
Form BI-471Business Income Tax Return A701/25/2013
BI-471-InstBusiness Income Tax Return Instructions01/25/2013
Form BI-472S Corporation Schedule10/31/2012
Form BI-473Partnership/Limited Liability Company Schedule10/31/2012
Form CO-411Corporate Income Tax Return10/01/2012
CO-411-InstCorporate Income Tax Return Instructions01/17/2013
Form CO-411UCombined Report for Unitary Group10/09/2012
Form CO-414Corporate Estimated Tax Payment Voucher10/02/2012
Form CO-419Apportionment of Foreign Dividends08/09/2012
Form CO-420Foreign Dividend Factor Increments07/26/2012
Form CO-421Unitary Affiliate Schedule10/01/2012
Form Dom-StatementDomicile Statement08/14/2007
Form E-1Estate Tax Return for deaths occurring after Dec. 31, 200804/12/2012
Form E2AEstate Tax Info and App for Tax Clearance03/30/2012
Form FI-161Fiduciary Return of Income01/08/2013
Form FI-162Capital Gains Exclusion for Estates or Trusts01/08/2013
Form 4822Statement of Annual Personal and Family Expenses10/01/2009
Form HI-144Household Income Schedule01/09/2013
Form HS -122Homestead Declaration01/09/2013
Form IN -116Income Tax Payment Voucher12/06/2012
Form IN-111Vermont Income Tax Return01/09/2013
IN-111-Bklt2012 Income Tax Return Booklet01/15/2013
Form IN-112VT Tax Adjustmentsand Credits01/09/2013
Form IN-113Income Adjustment Calculations01/09/2013
Form IN-117VT Credit for Income Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian province01/14/2013
Form IN-119VT Economic Incentive Income Tax Credits01/15/2013
Form IN-151Application for Extension of Time to File Form IN-11101/09/2013
Form IN-152Underpayment-2012 Est. Ind. Income Tax Worksheet10/29/2012
Form IN-152AUnderpayment-2012 Est. Ind. Income Tax Worksheet (Annualized Installement Method)10/29/2012
Form IN-153Capital Gains Exclusion01/15/2013
Form IN-154State/Local Income Tax Addback01/09/2013
Form K-1VTShareholder's, Partner's, or Member's Information02/01/2013
Form LC-142Landlord Certificate01/04/2007
Form PA-1-BusPower of Attorney01/10/2007
Form PA-1-IndPower of Attorney01/10/2007
Form PR-141Renter Rebate Claim01/09/2013
Form S-1App. and Instructions for Business Tax Account03/20/2008
Form WH-435Est. Income Tax Payments for Non-Res. Shareholders, Partners or Members10/08/2012