Form 6020 Fillable Corporation Net Income Tax Return-Short Form
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amended return is filed to report IRS audit changes Less: Overpayment previously credited to 2014 Less: Refund from original return and additional Tax paid with original return and additional tax paid this is a protective claim 0405 6020 Rev 01/01/14 page 1 6020:01/01/14 Add lines 4 5 Additions Alaska Corporation Net Income Tax Return Short Form Alaska credit for prior year minimum tax (see instructions) Alaska income (loss) from Schedule B line 4 Alaska income tax from Schedule D line 7 Alaska net operating loss utilized: carryover ( ) carryback ( ) Total Alaska refundable incentive credits from Form 6300 line 22 Alaska taxable income (loss) Add lines 1 2c and 3d Enter here and on Schedule A line 1 Alaska taxable income from Schedule A line 3 Alaska taxable income Subtract line 2 from line 1 All taxes based on or measured by net income Alternative minimum tax from federal Form 4626 Amended return Amended return only: Amount Carryback is waived for net operating loss Check if applicable: Check if self employed Check if the DOR may discuss this return Contact Email Address Contact Fax Number Contact Person Contact Telephone Number copy of Form 7004) Enter the lesser of line 6 column A or B here and on Schedule A line 4 Estimated Payments Exempt organization (see instructions) Federal based credits from Form 6390 line 36 Federal extension is in effect (attach a Federal taxable income as actually filed (see instructions) Final Alaska return First For calendar year 2013 or the taxable year beginning 2013 ending 20 Form 6020 Fourth Homeowners association (attach Form 1120H) I declare under penalty of perjury that I have examined this return including accompanying schedules and If amended return box above is checked then check the following boxes if applicable: instructions) Interest from obligations of the United States Less: Quick Refund from Form 6230 Mailing Address Check if new address NAICS Code Name address and EIN on former return if any: Name Change Net Alaska income tax Subtract the sum of lines 7 8 from line 6 If more than $500 attach Form 6220 Net capital gain (see instructions) Officer s Signature Ordinary income Subtract line 2 from line 1 If less than zero enter zero Other (attach schedule) Other Alaska incentive credits from Form 6300 line 29 Other taxes (see instructions) Other taxes from Schedule E line 4 Overpayment credited to 2014 estimated tax (enter as positive number) Overpayment from prior year Page 2 Payment with extension Payments from Page 2 Schedule C Penalty for underpayment of estimated tax from Form 6220 line 18 Personal Holding Company Personal Holding Company tax (see instructions) Phone preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge Preparer firm s name (or yours if Preparer s Signature Preparer s SSN or PTIN Refund Add lines 15 16 refunds Return Information (check applicable boxes) S Corporation (attach Form 1120S) SCHEDULE A NET INCOME TAX SUMMARY SCHEDULE B ALASKA INCOME (LOSS) SCHEDULE C TAX PAYMENT RECORD SCHEDULE D ALASKA TAX COMPUTATION SCHEDULE E OTHER TAXES Second self employed) and address Small corporation exemption (see Special deductions from federal Form 1120 Schedule C line 20 State statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true correct and complete Declaration of Subtractions Successor to previously existing business Summary Tax due (overpaid) Subtract the sum of lines 10 12 from line 9 Tax on net capital gain Multiply line 2 by 4 5% Tax on ordinary income Use Tax Rate Table to compute tax on line 3 Tax Rate Table is contained in instructions Third Title Total additions Add lines 2a 2b Total amount due (overpaid) Add lines 13 14 If greater than zero STOP Total estimated tax payments Total net payments to Schedule A line 10 Total other taxes Add lines 1b 3 Enter here and on Schedule A line 5 Total subtractions Add 3a 3c Total tax Add lines 4 5 with the preparer (see instructions) Zip Code