Form 6310 Fillable Income Tax Education Credit and Instructions
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a non profit (public or private) Alaska two year or four year a non profit agency for Alaska Native cultural/heritage programs a school district in the state for secondary school level vocational a state operated vocational technical education and training an Alaska university foundation or by a non profit (public or an institution that is located in the state and qualifies as a the Alaska higher education investment fund under AS $100 000 100% of the next $200 000 and 50% of the contributions 0405 6310 Rev 01/01/14 37 14 750 43 56 018 AS 43 65 018 AS 43 75 018 and AS 43 77 045 6310:01/01/14 a regional accreditation association for direct instruction Alaska Income Tax Education Credit Amount and educational support including mentoring and tutoring and museum acquisitions and contributions to endowment; AS 21 96 070 AS 21 96 075 AS 43 20 014 AS 43 55 019 AS be claimed as a credit for other Alaska taxes The taxpayer claimed as a charitable contribution deduction coastal ecosystem learning center under the Coastal American college accredited by a regional accreditation association for a Contribution(s) contributions accepted by Corporations Form 6300 line 8 education courses programs and facilities; education research rehabilitation and facilities; and Enter 100% of the next $200 000 of contributions Enter 50% of the contributions on line 2 that exceed $300 000 Enter lesser of line 1 or $9 800 000 facility or annual intercollegiate sports tournament; for public school staff and for students in grades kindergarten Form 6310 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Instructions for Form 6310 Income Tax Education Credit is a member of an affiliated group then the total amount of credit may not claim more than $5 million for all credits claimed under may not exceed $5 million for the affiliated group Multiply the lesser of line 2 or $100 000 by 50% Name of Educational Institution Name(s) Shown On Return Note: Contributions claimed as a credit on this return cannot Partnership established by the federal government for Partnerships Form 6900 Schedule A line 12 Payor private) Alaska two year or four year college accredited by Purpose of Form Report the amount on line 6 as indicated below: research and educational support purposes including library school for vocational education courses programs and facilities; Subject to the limitations below a credit is allowed for cash Tentative credit Add lines 3 5 that exceed $300 000 The income tax education credit is limited to 50% of the first The total allowable credit may not exceed $5 million If a taxpayer The total contributions qualifying for the credit (line 2) cannot be through 12 in the state; Total qualified contributions Use Form 6310 to calculate a potential income tax education credit