Form 6385 Fillable Tax Attributes Carryovers
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

0405 6385 Rev 01/01/14 1 Net operating loss (NOL) 10 Total Alaska AMT previously paid 2 Total NOL carryover available Sum of line 1 column E 3 Alaska income from Schedule A line 1 4 NOL carryover to be utilized Enter the lesser of line 2 or 3 Enter here and on Schedule A line 2 5 Excess charitable contributions 6 Total charitable contribution carryover Sum of line 5 column E Enter here and on Schedule K line 6 6385:01/01/14 7 Unused capital loss 8 Total capital loss carryover available Sum of line 7 column D (see instructions) 9 Alaska net alternative minimum tax (AMT) previously paid AK AMT Credit Claimed AK AMT Paid Available Available B + C D = E B C = D B C D = E Charitable Contributions Converted to NOL Enter all numbers as positive numbers Excess Contributions Form 6385 Loss Generated mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy Name and EIN of Alaska taxpayer generating attributes if different from taxpayer(s) filing this return (attach additional forms if necessary): Name(s) Shown On Return Net AMT Paid NOL Generated Previously Utilized Previously Utilized Tax Attribute Carryovers Tax Year end Tax Year end of Loss Tax Year end of NOL