2013 AL - Alabama Tax Forms

Form 20CAlabama Corporation Income Tax Return (fillable form)01/08/2014
Form 20C-CAlabama Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)01/08/2014
Form 20C-ConsilidatedProforma Form 20C for corporations filing the Alabama Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form)01/09/2014
Form 20C-CREElection to File Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form)12/27/2012
Form 20SAlabama S Corporation Information/Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)01/07/2014
Form 2210ALEstimated Tax Penalties for Individuals (fillable form) (instructions)01/27/2014
Form 2220ALEstimated Tax Penalties for Corporations (fillable form) (instructions)01/09/2014
Form 402013 Alabama Individual Income Tax Return (Includes Form 4952A, Schedules A, B, CR, D, E and OC) (Form 40 w/Calculations) (Form 40 w/Calculations instructions) (Updates to Form 40 w/Calculations) *File Your Return Free02/10/2014
Form 40-VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form) (blank)01/17/2014
Form 41Fiduciary Income Tax Return (fillable form)01/07/2014
Form 4952AInvestment Interest Expense Deduction (blank)11/19/2013
Form 65Partnership / Limited Liability Company Return of Income (fillable form)01/07/2014
Form BIT-VBusiness Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form) NOTE: Not for use with Form PPT or CPT (business privilege tax payments) *File your estimated taxes online !!!01/09/2014
Form EOO2013 Form EOO - Taxpayer E-file Opt Out Election Form (fillable form)01/16/2014
Form EST-1Application for Estate Tax Waiver (fillable form)12/28/2011
Form EST-123Application for Refund of Estate Tax (fillable form)01/03/2012
Form ET-1Alabama Financial Institution Excise Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)12/28/2012
Form ET-1CConsolidated Alabama Financial Institution Excise Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)12/31/2012
Form FDT-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form)01/09/2014
Form FIE-VPayment Voucher (fillable form) *Make a Financial Institution Excise Tax Payment Online01/08/2013
Form IT: AFF1Affidavit Of Estate Tax (fillable form)01/09/2003
Form NOL-85Computation of Net Operating Loss (fillable form)01/24/2013
Form NOL-85AApplication of NOL Carryback or Carryforward (fillable form)11/09/2012
Form NOL-F85Computation of Net Operating Loss for Fiduciary Return (Form 41) (fillable form)01/09/2014
Form NOL-F85AApplication of Net Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward for Fiduciary Return (Form 41)(fillable form)01/09/2014
Form PTE-CSubchapter K Entities/S Corporations Nonresident Composite Payment Return (fillable form) (instructions)01/08/2014
Form PTE-VPass Through Entities Payment Voucher (fillable form) NOTE: The PTE-V is used for 2013 and forward. The Form BIT-V should be used for 2013 and prior year payments) * You can make a return payment by check and credit card01/09/2014
Form41-Schd-K1Fiduciary Beneficiary Information (Form 41) (fillable form)01/08/2014
Schedule AATCAlabama Accountability Tax Credit (blank)11/19/2013
Schedule ABAdd-Back Form with Instructions (Required by 810-3-35-.02, Restrictions on the Deductibility of Certain Intangible Expenses and Costs and Interest Expenses and Costs) (fillable form) (instructions) (example)01/09/2014
Schedule A-B-DCItemized Deductions, Interest and Dividend Income and Donation Checkoffs (Form 40) (blank)11/19/2013
Schedule BCBusiness Credits (fillable form) (instructions)01/30/2014
Schedule CRCredit for Taxes Paid to Other States (Form 40) (blank)11/19/2013
Schedule D-EProfit from Sale of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, etc. and Income from Pensions, Annuities, Rents, Royalties, Partnerships, S Corporations, Estates & Trusts (Form 40) (blank)01/16/2014
Schedule K1Alabama Partnership, LLC and S Corporation Shareholder's Statement of Income and Deductions (fillable form) (instructions)01/08/2014
Schedule NRAAlabama S Corporation - Agreement of Nonresident Shareholder (fillable form)11/15/2012
Schedule OCOther Available Credits (blank) (instructions)12/03/2013
Schedule PABAdd- Back Form (fillable form) (instructions) (example)01/09/2014
Schedule QIP-CQualified Investment Partnership Certification (fillable form) (instructions)01/08/2014