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$10 000 $2 000 $5 000 ( 20) ( 50) (Form *130011OC1283* *130012OC1283* 1 line 1 line17 10 PartM line1 EnterthetotalhereandonScheduleNTC 13 orScheduleEZ PartIV page 17 orForm 2 line 3 and 40 page 40NR page 40NR) 40or40NR 4b 4c 4d 4e 4f 4g 4h 4i 4j 4kand4l 6 line 8 PartC line 8orline9 above Addlines1 Addlines5 AddPartA Alabama Alabama Alabama allowable Allowable Allowable ALLOWABLE ALLOWABLE ALLOWABLE ALLOWABLE alongwithacopyofyourapprovedcertificationnotice amountfromScheduleOC PartB line amountfromScheduleOC PartC line amountfromScheduleOC PartD line amountfromScheduleOC PartI line amountfromScheduleOC PartJ line amountfromScheduleOC PartK line areclaiming assignedby ataxcreditcontinuously attach ATTACH TO Available availablefrom Basic Basic Skills Education Business businessIDnumber by$1 000 00 by20%( 20) byyou CAPITAL Capital Credit CapitalCredit Certification Coal Credit communitywhere Conversion Corporation/Partnership/Estate/TrustName Costofconstructingreservoir Costofirrigation coststoconvertfromfueltoelectricity Country countryincomeearnedin country's CR line27 credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT creditavailable Multiplyline5 Credits CREDITS credits: Department DepartmentofEducation Development dollar dollars dueAlabamafromForm duefrom duetheforeigncountryas Education employed Employee employee(s)workatleast24 employeeson12 31 2012 employeeson12 31 2013 Employment enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enteramount Enteramount Enteramountfrom EnteramountfromSchedule EnterCapitalCredit Enterprise Entertax Enterthe Enterthe Entertheamountfrom Entertotalamountofbusiness EnteryourassignedDepartmentofEducationCertificationNumber EnteryourProjectNumber entitledtothe equipment Expenses EZK1 PartII page figures foratleast16 foreign Foreign Form40NR page1 line19 Full Employment G line Heroes Heroes for hourseachweek? I line2 PartJ line Ifline3 Iftheanswertoline Iftheanswertolines3and4 installationcostsof instructions) Irrigation/Reservoir irrigationsystem issuedby isyes did isyes enter K RCC lesserofline lesserofline line1 line1 line1 PartB line line1 PartE line1 PartF line line10 line11 PartL line line13 line17 line19 line1by$1 000 00 line2 line2or3 whicheverissmaller line3 line3islarger line4orline line5 line5 enter line5 subtract line5fromline line6or7 whicheverissmaller line7 liveandprovidemedicalservices M line Markets Maximum Maximumcredit Multiply Multiplyline Multiplyline Multiplyline4 Name(s)asshownonForm Nameofapprovedprovider Location Nameofemployer/firm Nameofhospitaland Nameofprojectentity New Markets Development Nonresidents) Note: Notice number Numberof Numberoffull time Numberofqualifyingemployeesyou OC PartA line1 OC PartG OC PartL line10 online operations(line5) OR 40NR Other otherthanCapitalCredit Addlines4a PartH line Physician Purchasecostand recentlydeployed return Revenue Rural Rural Physician RuralPhysicianCredit Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule ScheduleOC shareinentity shareofincome shareofincomefromforeignoperations shareoftax shownon Skills smaller sponsoring Start up start upexpenses States (NOTE: Subtractline2 Summary System Tariff Tax Credit TaxdueAlabamafromForm40 page1 TaxduebeforeCapitalCredit If Taxes Taxes paid taximposedonprorata taxreturn theAlabama theAlabamaDepartmentofRevenue theamount theamount thedifference theeducationprogram thelesserofline thetotalexpensesavailableforcredit thisscheduletoyourAlabamareturn TOTAL Total all credits Total maximum unemployedveteransincludedinline4 PartH weeks? Wereall participantsforwhom Yourpro Yoursocial securitynumber Yoursocialsecurity