Form NOL-F85 Computation of Net Operating Loss for Fiduciary Return (Form 41) (fillable form)
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40 18 14; 40 18 15 2 nonbusiness (after (Alabama (Form 41) (iii) (including (line (Reset Form) Reset Form (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (www revenue alabama gov) *XX0006411283* 10OthernonbusinessincomereportedonForm41(list) 11TOTALNONBUSINESSINCOME Addlines5through10 123a3b411121316175678910141513Entertheestateortrust sAlabamaTaxableIncomebeforetheNOLDeductionfromForm41 page1 line5 12EXCESSNONBUSINESSDEDUCTIONSOVERNONBUSINESSINCOME Ifline4exceedsline11 subtractline11fromline4andenterhereandonline15below Ifline11exceedsline4 enter 0 hereandonline15below 14FiduciaryExemptionfromForm41 page1 line3 15EntertheExcessNonbusinessDeductionsOverNonbusinessIncomefromline12 16TOTALMODIFICATIONS Addlines14and15 17NETOPERATINGLOSSALLOWABLE Combinetheamountsonlines13and16 Iftheresultisanegativefigure enterhere Ifzeroorapositivefigure STOP DONOTFILETHISFORM Youdonothaveanallowablenetoperatingloss 18 19 2Taxespaid(includingFederalIncomeTaxandEstateTax) 3aLossonsaleofnonbusinessassets(Enteraspositiveamount) 3bOthernonbusinessdeductions(list) 4TOTALNONBUSINESSDEDUCTIONS AddLines1 2 3a and3b 6Interest 7Federal incometaxrefunds 810 3 15 2 01 810 3 25 05(8)b 810 3 25 11(f) 8Trustand/orEstateincome 9Gainonsaleofnonbusinessassets accordance Additional Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama alimony paid alimony received; allowable allowed allowed allowed for federal allowing amount amount amount amount amount amount amount amount amounts of and the carrying forward of annuities; another as busi as business or as specified assets assets used ating beneficiary benefit business business Business business expenses; business income business; by 40 by 40 18 15 2 by the carried carriedforwardtosucceedingyears(seeinstructions) SeePartIIIinstructionsforelectiontoforfeitcarrybackprovision carry the carryback carryback of carryback the carryforward casualties certain claimed classified complete computation Computation compute computing computing concerning contributions contributions; copies of deductible deduction deduction deductions deductions deductions Deductions Department description disability distributive dividend does not early withdrawal of elect election Election Email Address employee employer; ending enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter entered entered estate estate Estates and exceed exceeds nonbusiness deductions (line Excess excess of exclusions expense expense expense; expenses; expenses; explanation extent farming; federal federal employer Federal EmployerIdentificationNumber federal in federal income Fiduciary following forego forfeit Forfeit Form NOL F85 Form Preparation FormNOL F85isusedtocomputetheamountofanetoperatinglossoriginatinginataxyear gains or greater gross hereby identification Iftheamountonline17 PartIIaboveisanegativefigure youmayelecttocarrythislossforwardoritmustbecarriedback2yearsandanyunusedportionmaythenbe include including income income income income income income income income Income income tax Income) incurred instead instructions instructions Instructions For Preparation of interest interest Internal Revenue Irrevocable is allowed is used is used is zero itable items included items of items reg Itisusedtodeterminetheamountofnet Keogh limited Lines lines 1 lines 5 loss for loss forward loss from loss from loss from loss originating loss that loss to loss; losses losses from losses on Lossyearending lowing made: may not medical miscellaneous modifications modifications) moving NameofEstateorTrustasshownonForm41 ness; NOL F85 NOL F85: nonbusiness Nonbusiness nonbusiness deductions NONBUSINESS DEDUCTIONS CLAIMED ON FORM411Interestpaid nonbusiness income NONBUSINESS INCOME REPORTED ON FORM415Dividends nonbusiness: Note: number obtain obtained of ordinary operat operating operating operating operating operating operating Operating Operating operatinglossthatcanbecarriedbackorforwardtoanothertaxyear ordinary originates in other Otherwise Over Nonbusi owner PartIabove partial list particular PARTIExcessofNonbusinessDeductionsOver NonbusinessIncomePARTIIComputationofNetOperatingLossPARTIIIElectionToForfeitCarrybackProvision(CautionDoNotCompletePartIIIIfYouAreCarryingLossBack) PartIIIoftheformisusedtomakeanelectiontoforfeitthecarrybackofthenetoperatinglossto partnership partnership; passed penalties for pension personal personal exemption plans; Please ployee poses) prepa prior priortaxyear andonlycarrythenetoperatinglossforwardtofuturetaxyears provide provided provision purpose purposes); ration received recognized Regulation rental reported residence result retirement Return REVENUE Revenue s rying back S corpora S corporation); 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