Form EST-123 Application for Refund of Estate Tax (fillable form)
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date(s) of payment Dollars ($ ) which is the amount of said $ was paid by the applicant to the Alabama Department of Revenue as above stated As (Reset Form) Reset Form (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE APPLICANT Application for Refund of Estate Tax APPROVED FOR PAYMENT: ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE authorized by Section 40 15 21 Code of Alabama 1975 it is requested that you draw your warrant on Estate Tax Fund in DIRECTOR INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE TAX DIVISION ESTATE (TYPE OR PRINT) estate tax erroneously paid to the Alabama Department of Revenue plus interest at the legal rate as provided by law from ESTATE TAX SECTION favor of the above named applicant for the sum of I Assistant Commissioner of the Alabama Department of IT: EST 123 MAILING ADDRESS MONTGOMERY ALABAMA NOTARY PUBLIC on the date or dates as follows: P O Box 327440 Montgomery AL 36132 7440 Paid Through Mistake or Error to the Alabama Department of Revenue Prepare This Form In Triplicate Send Two Copies To The Alabama Department of Revenue At The Address Above Retain One Copy For Your Records Received of State Comptroller his Warrant No for in full payment of the above Revenue do hereby certify that the above application for refund has been examined and that estate tax in the amount of Revenue paid by the said applicant through mistake or error to the Department of Revenue said amount having been paid SIGNATURE STATE COMPTROLLER STATE ZIP Sworn to and subscribed before me this the day of 20 the amount of $ and such additional amount as may be determined by the Alabama Department of The facts in support of this application and the cause for alleged overpayment are briefly stated as follows: This day of 20 Under the provisions of Section 40 15 21 Code of Alabama 1975 application is hereby made for a refund of estate tax in