Form AR1000CR Fillable Individual Income Tax Composite Return
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(: 1) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (Address) (City State and Zip) (City/State/Zip) (CR 10) Unchecked (CR 11) (CR 12) (CR 13) (CR 14) (CR 15) (CR 16) (CR 17) (CR 18) (CR 19) (CR 20) (CR 21) (CR 22) (CR 26) (CR 3) Unchecked (CR 35) (CR 36) (CR 37) (CR 38) (CR 39) (CR 40) (CR 41) (CR 42) (CR 43) (CR 44) (CR 45) (CR 46) (CR 47) (CR 48) (CR 49) (CR 5) (CR 50) (CR 51) (CR 52) (CR 53) (CR 54) (CR 55) (CR 56) (CR 57) (CR 58) (CR 59) (CR 60) (CR 61) (CR 62) (CR 63) (CR 64) (CR 65) (CR 66) (CR 67) (CR 68) (CR 69) (CR 70) (CR 75) (Fiscal Year Ending MM/DD) (Fiscal Year Ending YYYY) (ID Number/Social Security Number) (Lines 4 through 13 Follow instructions on form ) (Location of Records for Audit) (Mailing Address) (Name of Entity) (nUmber Of nOnresiDent members) (Preparer s Name) (Registration with ATAP is not required to make payments or check refund (Telephone Number) (Telephone) 1 TAXABLE INCOME FROM SCHEDULE A (below): 1 10 AMOUNT OF OVERPAYMENT/REFUND: (If Line 9 is greater than Line 2 enter difference) 10 11 Amount of overpayment to be applied to 2014: 11 12 AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED TO YOU: (Subtract Line 11 from Line 10) REFUND 12 13 AMOUNT DUE: (If Line 2 is greater than Line 9 enter difference) TAX DUE 13 00 2 TAX: [Multiply Line 1 by 7 percent ( 07)] 2 2013 AR1000CR 2014 If the payment is for an amended return mark the box yes on Form 3 Arkansas income tax withheld: [Attach copies of AR1099PT Form(s)] 3 4 Estimated tax paid and/or credit carried forward: 4 5 Payment made with extension: 5 6 AMENDED RETURNS ONLY Enter previous payments: 6 682 7290 or go to www arkansas gov/withholding 7 TOTAL PAYMENTS: (Add Lines 3 through 6) 7 8 AMENDED RETURNS ONLY Enter previous overpayments: 8 9 ADJUSTED TOTAL PAYMENTS: (Subtract Line 8 from Line 7) 9 9829) or by visiting www officialpayments com and clicking on a disregarded entity for federal income tax purposes is not considered a pass through entity a private credit card payment services provider A convenience fee will accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are true accountant signs it Fill in preparer section if applicable Act 1982 of 2005 allows pass through entities to file composite returns for Address address FEIN or SSN share of income and tax paid Agency discuss this return allowed AMENDED RETURN and should contain for each member included on this return: name and the member who signs the return is responsible for any assessments any of the members from their personal liability in any way AR1000CR (R 05/28/13) AR1000CR Instructions (R 10/11/13) AR1000CRV for Is Payment for an Amended Return AR1055 and mail to the address specified on Form AR1055 ARKANSAS COMPOSITE FILING (AR1000CR) Arkansas does not receive this fee You will be informed of the ARKANSAS INCOME TAX Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) allows taxpayers or their Attach an AR1099PT Form for each nonresident member Attach Form AR1000CRV to check or money order payable in U S Dollars to Dept of Finance and Administration Include FEIN on be charged to your credit card for the use of this service The State of below? by April 15 2014 If additional tax is owed the amount must be paid by the by CD The information must be in a spreadsheet format (such as by the return complete Schedule A changed CHECK BOX IF Check this box if you have filed Arkansas extension Form AR1055 City state and ZIP City/state/ZIP Complete Form AR1000CRV and attach with check or money order to complete your transaction you will be given a confirmation number to keep Composite Return COMPOSITE TAX RETURN COMPUTATION OF TAX ON ARKANSAS TAXABLE INCOME (Round to nearest dollar) correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which Credit card payments may be made by calling 1 800 2PAY TAXSM (1 800272 Credit card payments will be processed by Official Payments Corporation Dept Use Only due date of your return falls on a Saturday Sunday or legal holiday the return Each composite return must be filed in the name of the pass through entity entries Attach supporting forms and/or schedules for items exact amount of the fee before you complete your transaction After you Excel) a database format (such as Access) or a Delimited Text File Federal Employer Identification Number FEIN TAXABLE INCOME For additional information on composite filing go to: For Department Use Only ID Number/Social Security Number If an extension is required Form AR1055 should be completed and mailed If filing an amended return check the box at the top right corner If there are more than nine (9) nonresident member s If there are nine (9) or less nonresident members represented included on this return The amount(s) reported on the AR1099PT(s) Income individual income tax returns as a result of their interest in a Individual Income Tax Section INSTRUCTIONS: Jan 1 Dec 31 2013 or fiscal year ending 20 limited liability companies Any entity that is taxed as a corporation or is Line 1 Report the total taxable income from doing business in Arkansas Line 2 Compute tax at 7% ( 07) No deductions or credits are Line 3 Withholding paid by entity FEIN on AR1099PT Form(s) must Little Rock Arkansas 72203 3628 Location of records for audit Mail the completed AR1000CR and required information to: Mailing address match FEIN on composite return May the Arkansas Revenue member electing to be included on this tax return The amount member on a composite return Members who were Arkansas residents became Arkansas residents during must equal the amount(s) reported on the AR1000CR Send two copies must equal the total on Schedule A Name of entity NAME OF MEMBER ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP SSN OR SHARE OF nonresident members who elect to be included in the composite filing The NOTE: A pass through entity cannot be included as a NOTE: Each entity claiming withholding must be NOTE: Pass through entities include S corporations general NoYes of all nonresident members included on this return of AR1099PT Form to each nonresident member and retain one copy for of Form AR1000CR Complete the return using the instructions below online ATAP allows taxpayers to make name and address changes Only those members who must file Arkansas nonresident or deficiencies incurred by the return This requirement does not relieve or derived from sources within this state and distributed to a original due date Attach the payment in U S Dollars to the completed Form P O Box 3628 partnerships limited partnerships limited liability partnerships trusts or pass through entities must be excluded from the composite return pass through entity can be included in the composite return pass through entity must report its distributive share of income or other gain PAYMENT INFORMATION payment To pay by credit card see instructions PLEASE SIGN HERE: Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and preparer has any knowledge Preparer s name Preparer s signature registered to withhold under the FEIN on the composite replacing the incorrect entries from the original return with the corrected representatives to log on to a secure site and manage all of their tax accounts represented by the return nonresident information must be submitted return Failure to register will result in disallowance of SCHEDULE A MEMBERS SHARES OF INCOME NUMBER OF NONRESIDENT MEMBERS Schedule A: The Revenue Division must be provided with names Signature of officer partner or accountant status ) Go to www atap arkansas gov for more information Telephone number Telephone number Telephone Number that is passed through to the members included on this return and subject the Department of Finance and Administration Mail on or before April 15 The due date is April 15 2014 for calendar year entities If the the Payment Center link the year or who had income/losses from Arkansas sources other than from to Arkansas income tax Total Taxable view letters on their accounts make payments and check refund status will be considered timely filed if it is postmarked on the next business day with the preparer shown with your records withholding For information about registering call (501) www arkansas gov/incometax your records your return Write your FEIN on payment made payable in U S Dollars to Your tax return will not be complete unless officer partner or