Form AR1055 Fillable Extension of Time to File Request – Individual, Partnership, Fiduciary & Composite
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(: 1) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (: 3) Unchecked (: 4) Unchecked (15th) (4th) (and ending) (Approved extension to be returned to [2]) (Approved extension to be returned to [3]) (April (Clear Form of all entries) CLICK HERE TO CLEAR FORM (Extension requested for the tax year beginning) (Form (Name and address of taxpayer [3]) (REQUIRED) (State reason for requesting extension of time to file: (REQUIRED [1]) 1 Indicate type of return for which extension is being requested: 15th using IRS Form 4868 2 Extension requested for the tax year beginning 20 and ending 20 2007): 4868 be attached to your state tax return as long as the appropriate Address agreement Allows the An extension can be requested in one of two ways: AR1055 AR1055 (R 10/14/13) AR1055) Arkansas ARKANSAS INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX Automatic before box is checked on the front of the Arkansas return calendar calendaryear Caution: check the appropriate box on the front of your Arkansas return close Commissioner complete Composite Director to grant an extension of time of 180 days from the origi duedate extension extension extension Extension Extension extensions failure federal Fiduciary fifteenth File this request on or before the due date of your return Keep a copy for your records file: filed filed filers filers) filing Filing an Arkansas (only) extension to October 15th Filing an Automatic Federal Extension to October FILING INCOME TAX RETURNS following fourth honored if any tax due is not paid by the original due date April 15th If you request an extension using Form AR1055 you must also income individual Individual Instructions Little Rock AR 72203 3628 Mail to the following address: Individual Income Tax Section month Name of Taxpayer necessary NOTE: original P O Box 3628 Partnership pay Interest and failure to pay penalty will be assessed penalty Primary SSN/FEIN reason request REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME FOR requesting return return returns Revenue Spouse s SSN state statutory The date of the postmark stamped by the U S Postal Service The Department no longer requires that a copy of federal Form timely using Form AR1055 valid waivethe yearfilers)