Form AR1075 Fillable Deduction for Tuition Paid to Post-Secondary Educational Institutions
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( Row 1) ( Row 2) ( Row 3) ( Row 4) (: 1) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (: 3) Unchecked (1 Name(s) of institution(s) (Clear Form of all entries) CLICK HERE TO CLEAR FORM (Individual Attending Institution) (Relationship to Taxpayer) (Social Security Number) (Taxpayer s Name) 1 Name(s) of institution(s): 2 Total tuition paid by taxpayer: (See Instructions) 2 2 Year 2 year Colleges $3 376 $1 688 3 Multiply line 2 by 50% ( 50): 3 4 Multiply the appropriate Weighted Average Tuition by 50% ( 50): (See Instructions) 4 4 Year 4 year Colleges $7 231 $3 616 5 Enter the lesser of line 3 or line 4 here and on Form AR3 Line 19: 5 and enter on AR3 Line 19 AR1075 AR1075 (R 10/11/13) ARKANSAS INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX Check one: DEDUCTION FOR TUITION PAID TO Enter 50% of Line 2 tuition paid Enter 50% of the Weighted Average Tuition From the list below choose the type of institution attended and enter fifty percent (50%) of the corresponding Weighted Average Tuition Enter the name(s) of institution(s) Study must be for an associate undergraduate or graduate degree The Enter the total amount of tuition paid Reduce the amount of tuition paid by any reimbursements from scholarships Enter this amount on the Itemized Deduction Schedule (AR3) Line 19 grants and/or fellowships Do not include expenses paid for fees books or lodging institution(s) can be located out of Arkansas but you must use the Arkansas Weighted Average Tuition in determining Instructions Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 NOTE: If you completed more than one AR1075 total the amounts from Line 5 on each form ONE FORM PER STUDENT PER TYPE OF INSTITUTION POST SECONDARY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Relationship to Taxpayer Student Attending Institution Student s Social Security Number Taxpayer s Name Taxpayer s Social Security Number taxpayer the taxpayer s spouse or their dependent Technical Institute Technical Institutes $1 458 $729 the maximum allowable deduction This deduction is allowed for a portion of the tuition paid by the taxpayer as tuition for the Type of Institution Weighted Average Tuition 50% of Weighted Average Tuition