Form ARDD Fillable Direct Deposit Information for Paper Returns
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(: 1) Unchecked (: 2) Unchecked (Code3of9BarCode1) ARDD131 (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (S 1) (Social Security Number) (You must be using Adobe Reader ver 7 or above Otherwise print the page manually and do not use page shrinking or scaling ) Click Here to Print Document Account Number ARDD (R 10/16/13) Arkansas ordinarily processes a request for direct deposit it reserves the right to issue a paper check and does Attach this form to the AR1000F/AR1000NR as the third page of deposited into accounts outside the United States; this includes Puerto Rico Guam and the DIRECT DEPOSIT If no complete rest of form below If yes do not complete form Direct deposits will not be If you would like your refund direct deposited complete the banking information below: not guarantee a specific date for deposit of the refund into the taxpayer s account The State of Arkansas is not Note: Direct deposit is not available for amended returns numbers closed accounts bank mergers or any other reason are issued as paper checks While the State of of Account: of the taxpayer the provider or preparer financial institution or any of their agents Primary Name Refunds that are not direct deposited because of institutional refusal erroneous account or routing transit responsible for the misapplication of a direct deposit that results from error negligence or malfeasance on the part Routing Number Checking or Savings second page of your return Social Security Number To comply with banking rules the question below must be answered: Virgin Islands Will this refund go to an account outside the United States? Yes No your tax return If you are filing Form AR1000S attach it as the