Form 112EP Fillable Estimated Corporation Coupon/Voucher
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Penalties *Any large corporation may base their first quarter estimated 12 month tax year the corporation filed a Colorado 303 238 SERV (7378) for assistance a 70% of the actual net Colorado tax liability account numbers are inconsistent the department must be accounting period then income for the short period must accounts The paper Form 0112EP or an online return is not Additional information FYI publications and forms are ahead of time to avoid forgetting to make a quarterly payment and using the same account number as will be used on the annual income tax return Form 112 If for any reason the available at www TaxColorado com available at www TaxColorado com or you may call b 100% of the preceding year s net Colorado tax liability be made Visit www Colorado gov/revenue/eft be multiplied in a manner so that income is estimated at a below for details The single form can be copied and used calculated into and paid with the second quarter Calculating the Payment can be made safely and can be scheduled up to 12 months Colorado Department of Revenue Corporate Estimated Income Tax corporation* under section 6655 of the federal Internal Denver CO 80261 0008 each missed or late payment For calculation specifics EFT services require pre registration before payments can electronically to avoid problems and delays See the box estimated tax owed Payments and forms shall be submitted exceed $5 000 for 2014 For taxpayers with a short taxable Failure to timely remit estimated tax as necessary will result for each of the four quarterly payments if an electronic full 12 month year In this case estimated tax would be due General Rule Go Green with Revenue OnlineTaxpayers can use www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline to if the net tax liability on the calculated full year is expected in a Estimated Tax Penalty Penalty will be calculated for In most cases a corporation is required to pay estimated Income Tax Section Room 238 instant payment confirmation Revenue Online also allows Instructions is expected to exceed $5 000 plus estimated credits notified in writing prior to filing Form 112 Or if a short taxable year is the result of a change in the or to remit this penalty before being billed see Form 205 Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) pay online Online payments reduce errors and provide payment cannot be made for any reason provided (adjust for fiscal year taxpayers) It is strongly recommended that these payments be submitted Remit payments according to the due date table required if an online payment is made Please be advised Required Payments return and the corporation is not defined as a large Revenue Code See publication FYI Income 51 for more information tax if it can reasonably expect the net tax liability will tax payment on 25% of the tax liability from the previous that a nominal processing fee may apply to online payments the actual tax liability for the current year If after calculating The EFT payment option is a free service EFT payments the first quarter was underestimated the shortage shall be The required annual amount to be paid is the smaller of: the tax liability for the current year it is determined that This notification shall be mailed to: This rule only applies if the preceding year was a to exceed $5 000 Underpayment of Corporate Estimated Tax Use the provided Worksheet to calculate the amount of users to file taxes remit payments and to monitor their tax using the same method (separate consolidated combined) year estimated tax payments must be remitted if the tax year However the remaining payments must be based on