Form D-41ES Fillable 2013 Estimated Payment for Fiduciary Tax
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(CITY) (Clear ) Clear (dollars only) (DUE DATE) (Estate or trust name) (Federal employer ID number) (FIDUCIARY ADDRESS 2) (FIDUCIARY ADDRESS) (FIDUCIARY'S NAME or TITLE) (PAYMENT DUE) (Postal zipcode PLUS LAST 4) (Postal zipcode) (Print form for processing) Print (Social Security Number) (STATE) (Tax period ending (mmyy)) (VOUCHER NUMBER) *130410710002* 2013 D 41ES City State D 41ES Estimated Payment for DCW007A District of Columbia Estate or trust name Estate or trust s federal employer ID number Estate or trust s social security number Estimated Payment for Fiduciary Income Tax Fiduciary Income Tax Fiduciary s address (number street and apartment/suite # if applicable) Fiduciary s name and title Government of the OFFICIAL USE ONLY Quarterly payment Rev 09/12 Tax period ending (MMYY) This is a FILL IN format Please do not handwrite any data on this form other than your signature Vendor ID#0002 Voucher number: Due date: Zip Code + 4