2013 DE - Delaware Tax Forms

Form DE2210Underpayment of Estimated Taxes02/11/2014
Form DE2210iInstructions for Underpayment of Estimated Taxes02/11/2014
Form 1027Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File a Delaware Individual Income Tax Return02/11/2014
Form 1049W89701Claim For Revision - Eighth-Monthly Withholding01/30/2014
Form 1049W99701Claim For Revision - Monthly/Quarterly Withholding01/30/2014
Form 1100Corporate Income Tax Return01/24/2014
Form 1100CR-0101Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Economic Development Credits01/30/2014
Form 1100-EXT (2013)Corporation Income Tax - Request For Extension - Calendar Year 2013 and Fiscal Years Ending in 201412/30/2013
Form 1100-InstCorporate Income Tax Return - Instructions01/24/2014
Form 200CDelaware Composite Return01/06/2014
Form 209Claim for Refund of Deceased Taxpayer01/06/2014
Form 300Delaware Partnership Return02/10/2014
Form 300iDelaware Partnership Instructions02/10/2014
Form 300K1Schedule K1 Partners Share of Income02/10/2014
Form 329Special Tax Computation for Distribution from Qualified Retirement Plan02/11/2014
Form 373Wholesalers - Exemption Certificate01/30/2014
Form 400Delaware Fiduciary Income Tax Return02/11/2014
Form 400-ES-400-EXDeclaration of Estimated Tax Return Instructions02/11/2014
Form 400iDelaware Fiduciary Income Tax Instructions02/11/2014
Form 400K1Schedule K-102/11/2014
Form 402AP 9901Tax Credits - Application For New Business Facility Credits02/05/2014
Form 8821DEAuthorization to Release Tax Information01/25/2008
Form 200 VPayment Voucher01/17/2014
Form 200-01Delaware Individual Resident Income Tax01/17/2014
Form 200-01XResident Amended Income Tax Return01/17/2014
Form 200-01-XiResident Amended Income Instructions02/04/2014
Form 200-02 XiNon-Resident Amended Income Instructions02/04/2014
Form 200-02Delaware Non-Resident Individual Income Tax01/17/2014
Form 200-02-InstDelaware Non-Resident Individual Income Tax Return Instructions01/16/2014
Form 200-02XNon-Resident Amended Income Tax Return01/17/2014
Form 5403Real Estate Tax Return - Declaration of Estimated Income Tax01/06/2014
Form 5506CPEExemption from Public Utility Tax on Cell Phones 201312/07/2012
Form 5506CPE-2014Exemption from Public Utility Tax on Cell Phones 201412/19/2013
Form 700Delaware Income Tax Credit Schedule01/06/2014
Form 800Business Income of Non-Resident01/06/2014
Form IRASpecial Tax Computation01/06/2014
Form W-4DEWithholding Exemption Certificate for Military Spouse01/25/2010
Forms 200-01Delaware Individual Resident Income Tax Return Instructions for01/16/2014
Schedule WApportionment Worksheet01/17/2014
Wkst E-911Telecommunications Worksheet02/11/2014