Form 600-S Form 600-S S Corporation Tax Return (Fill in on-line, print and mail) (rev 7/13)
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(Round to nearest dollar) *NOTE: Any tax credits from Schedule 10 may be applied against income tax liability only not net worth tax liability 1 Georgia Taxable Income (See page 5 of instructions) 1 1 Total Capital stock issued 1 1 Total value of property owned (Total assets from Federal balance sheet) 10 Balance of tax interest and penalty due with return 11 Amount of Line 6 less Line 8 to be credited to 2014 estimated tax Refunded 2 Gross receipts from business 2 Paid in or Capital surplus 2 2 Tax 6% x Line 1 2 2013Income Tax Return 2014 Net Worth Tax Return 3 Less: Credits from Schedule 10 Line 6* 3 3 Total Retained earnings 3 3 Totals (Line 1 + 2) 4 Georgia ratio (Divide Line 3A by 3B) 4 Net Worth (Total of Lines 1 2 and 3) 4 4 Withholding Credits (G2 A G2 LP and/or G2 RP) 4 5 Balance of tax due (Line 1 less Lines 2 3 and 4 ) 5 5 Ratio (GA and Dom For Corp 100%) (Foreign Corp Line 4 Sch 2) 5 6 Amount of overpayment (Lines 2 3 and 4 less Line 1) 6 6 Net Worth Taxable by Georgia (Line 4 x Line 5) 6 7 Interest due (See Instructions) 7 7 Net Worth Tax (from table in instructions) 7 8 Form 600 UET (Estimated tax penalty) 8 9 Other penalty due (See Instructions) 9 A Federal Employer I D Number A Income Tax B Net Worth Tax C Total A Within Georgia B Total Everywhere C GA ratio (A/B) Address Change Amended due to IRS Audit Amended Return Amount of nonresident withholding tax paid: B GA Withholding Tax Acct Number Beginning Business Address (Number and Street) C Corp Last Year C GA Sales Tax Reg Number City or Town Composite COMPUTATION OF GEORGIA TAXABLE INCOME AND TAX (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 1 COMPUTATION OF NET WORTH RATIO (to be used by Foreign Corporations only) (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 2 COMPUTATION OF NET WORTH TAX (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 3 COMPUTATION OF TAX DUE OR OVERPAYMENT (ROUND TO NEAREST DOLLAR) SCHEDULE 4 Corporation Tax Return D NAICS Code DIRECT DEPOSIT OPTIONS SEE PAGE 2 SIGNATURE SECTION Ending Extension F Incorporated under laws Final Return (Attach explanation) Georgia Department of Revenue (Approved web version) Georgia Form 600S (Rev 7/13) I Total Shareholders Total Nonresident Shareholders J Federal Ordinary Income Initial Net Worth K Indicate the latest taxable year adjusted by IRS And when reported to Georgia Location of Books for Audit (City) & (State) Telephone Number H Kind of Business Name (Corporate title) Please give former name if applicable E Date of Incorporation Name Change of what state Original Return Page 1 Payroll WH Number Nonresident WH Number Return Filed State ZIP Code G Date admitted into GA UET Annualization Exception attached