Form IT-303 Fillable Form IT-303 Application for Extension of Time for Filing State Income Tax Returns (rev. 12/12)
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(checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (checkbox) Unchecked (Clear) Clear (Enter Address) (Enter City) (Enter Extension Requested To) (Enter Extension Requested To) (Enter Extension Requested To) (Enter For Period Beginning) (Enter For Period Ending) (Enter For Period Ending) (Enter For Period Ending) (Enter Name) (Enter Other) (Enter Reason For Extension) (Enter Reason For Extension) (Enter Reason For Extension) (Enter Social Security Number) (Enter State) (Enter ZIP CODE) (Print) Print (Rev 12/2012) 1 Type of return (check proper type): 2 For Period Ending: 3 Extension Requested To: 10% of the tax shown to be due For failure to pay tax within the time prescribed by law there shall be due an 10) Late payment penalty will be assessed at a rate of 1/2 of 1% per month if tax due on the return is not paid by the date A FEDERAL EXTENSION WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A GEORGIA EXTENSION IF: (1) THE RETURN IS RECEIVED WITHIN THE TIME AS EXTENDED BY additional penalty amounting to 10% of the tax shown to be due Additional time to file within the six month limit will require the submission of a new form along with a copy of the first ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE An extension request will not be accepted by telephone Lists are not acceptable Application must be made on this APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME APPLICATION IS HEREBY MADE FOR AN EXTENSION OF TIME FOR THE FOLLOWING STATE TAX RETURN: Atlanta GA 30374 0320 be remitted on Form IT 560C Beginning) COMPLETE THIS FORM IN TRIPLICATE MAIL THE ORIGINAL PRIOR TO THE RETURN DUE DATE AND KEEP 2 COPIES ATTACH ONE COPY TO computed on the tax not paid by the original due date Corporate Income Tax Corporations filing consolidated returns must file a separate application for extension for filing Net Worth Tax for each DATE SIGNATURE OF TAXPAYER OR AUTHORIZED AGENT DATE TO AVOID THE ASSESSMENT OF LATE PAYMENT PENALTIES AND INTEREST explain why it was not necessary to request a federal filing extension extension request For tax years beginning on or after January 1 2010 a partnership and fiduciary will only be Extensions of time for filing returns may be granted in cases of sickness absence or other disability or whenever Fiduciary Form 501 (5 months only) For filing a Net Worth Tax Return after the date prescribed by law there shall be assessed a penalty amounting to FOR FILING STATE INCOME TAX RETURNS Form IT 303 form unless a copy of an approved federal extension is attached to your Georgia return when filed If applicable Georgia Department of Revenue Georgia Department of Revenue Processing Center P O Box 740320 Atlanta GA 30374 0320 granted an extension up to 5 months I AFFIRM THAT THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF TRUE AND ACCURATE THIS AFFIRMATION IF SIGNED BY AGENT AGENT S FIRM OR TRADE NAME IMPORTANT! ACCEPTANCE OF FEDERAL EXTENSIONS Individual Form 500 INSTRUCTIONS Interest will be assessed at a rate of 1% per month from the due date prescribed by law for filing the return until the date IS MADE UNDER THE PENALTIES PRESCRIBED BY LAW Late filing penalty on returns filed after the due date prescribed by law will be assessed at a rate of 5% per month MAIL TO: NAME OF TAXPAYER FOR WHOM EXTENSION IS FILED IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE NAME SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR FEIN Net Worth Tax (For NOTE: Except as noted above extensions are limited by law to six (6) months please see line 6 of instructions NOTE: Remitting payment with Form IT 560 or IT 560C will not extend the due date for filing your return of payment Interest accrues regardless of an approved extension request One copy of the extension must be attached to the completed return when filed Retain the other copy for your Other Partnership Form 700 (5 months only) Period PO Box 740320 prescribed by law Late payment penalty accrues regardless of an approved extension request Individuals and fiduciaries Processing Center REASON FOR EXTENSION: reasonable cause exists records RETURN WHEN FILED AND RETAIN ONE COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS WE WILL NOTIFY YOU ONLY IF YOUR EXTENSION REQUEST IS DENIED returns on one form SECTION 1 SECTION 2 SECTION 3 Separate applications for extension must be submitted for husband and wife if separate returns are filed should remit payment due on Form IT 560 Corporations should remit payment on Form IT 560C Composite tax should subsidiary Corporations not filing consolidated returns may request an extension for filing income tax and net worth tax THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE AND (2) A COPY OF THE FEDERAL EXTENSION(S) IS ATTACHED TO THE RETURN WHEN FILED NOTE: THERE IS NO EXTENSION FOR PAYMENT OF TAX INCOME TAX OR CORPORATE NET WORTH TAX MUST BE PAID BY THE PRESCRIBED DUE This form must be completed in triplicate Mail the original form prior to the return due date to: THIS IS NOT A PAYMENT FORM! REMIT PAYMENT ON FORM IT 560 OR IT 560C