Form IA 1065-Inst Fillable instructions 41-017
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Enter the business code number provided by the Internal Revenue Service other income lines of the IA 1040 In addition nonresident partners must (1) Accounts receivable interest is to be included in the numerator to the (2) Other interest net dividends capital and ordinary gains and royalties (3) All investment income that is business income including capital gains (4) Capital and ordinary gains or losses or rent and royalties from real (c) on Iowa form IA 126 Iowa Nonresident and Part year Resident Credit (income/loss) from Iowa sources or which are domiciled in Iowa are required (IRS) for the specific industry group corresponding to the partnership s (or by a C corporation if it is a partner) If a motor fuel credit is claimed * If BAR is 100% enter the Gross Receipts from line 1a page 1 of the 12 column A of the IA 1065* 12 column B of the IA 1065* 2013 IA 1065 Partership Return of Income 2013 IA 1065 Partnership Return of Income 41 017a (08/27/13) 41 017b (07/03/13) 852(b)(4)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code A copy of the federal partnership 1065 return and all other supporting A partnership is not a taxable entity in Iowa but the members of a A partnership may file an Iowa composite individual income tax return and activity ratio for that and all subsequent years Consequently that year and Additional Deduction for Wages Paid to Certain Individuals Qualifying allowable for the tax year to the extent that the credit increased federal amount column on the first line of the schedule If none enter zero amount report it on line 14 of your IA 1040 If this figure is a negative amount report it on line 24 of your IA 1040 and enter 100 00 on line 13 and those deductions on the federal Schedule K that do not qualify as and total receipts in the business activity ratio (BAR) on the IA 1120 Answer the three questions about your partnership s activities Please answered yes to any question you must enter a percentage greater than applicable to compute these credits (for example: IA 128; IA 137) and APPORTIONMENT OF IOWA SOURCE INCOME attach them to the IA 1065 The partnership is not required to complete an awarded credits enter your certificate number in the second column Enter BAR The BAR in column (b) must be applied equally to each line item basis enter your beginning and ending dates here otherwise leave blank be recorded in Part III of the partner s IA K 1 including certificate numbers bear to the total gross receipts of the partnership The partnership will beneficiary of an estate or trust enter on this line the partnership s beneficiary of an estate or trust enter the partnership s distributive share Bonus Depreciation: Business income means income which arises from the partnership s unitary business income will be included in the numerator as follows: business other than the manufacture or sale of tangible personal property businesses may also take an additional deduction of wages paid to new Calendar year or fiscal year: If your partnership operates on a fiscal year Check either the resident partner or nonresident partner box based on Check the amended box if the K 1 is part of an amended 1065 return Check the appropriate box for the partner s entity type Column (a) lines 1 through 15(f): Column (b) lines 1 through 15(f): Column (c) lines 1 through 15(f): commercial domicile is Iowa and you answered no to all three questions Complete all applicable lines Dividends are net of special deductions complete the IA 4136 and attach it to the IA 1065 Each partner s share is COMPOSITE FILING computation of the business activity ratio The taxpayer will have elected CONTACTING THE DEPARTMENT Corporate partners: Include your share of the partnership s Iowa receipts differences between Iowa and federal The section 179 expensing limitation DISTRIBUTION OF PARTNERSHIP INCOME distributive share of REDUCTIONS furnished you by the other partnership domicile is in Iowa employees who qualify as persons with disabilities or as ex offenders Enter a contact person s name and phone number The contact person Enter a one to two word description of the partnership s principal activity enter applied for and inform the Department of the number once you Enter name and FEIN of partnership on each IA K 1 form Enter name Social Security Number or FEIN and address of partner Enter partner s percentage of ownership in the partnership Enter the county number of your main Iowa location Non Iowa Enter the partnership s BAR from page 1 Part IV line 13 of the IA 1065 Enter the partnership s Iowa net income for three preceding years Enter the partnership s Iowa receipts as reported on page 1 Part IV line Enter the partnership s name and address Enter the partnership s total receipts as reported on page 1 Part IV line Enter the same amounts as shown on the federal K 1 These figures are Enter the total number of partners Enter your FEIN If the partnership has a federal FEIN it must be entered enter zero in column (b) of the K 1 for each nonresident partner If you entry is a negative amount enter it on line 24 of your IA 126 form Every partnership deriving income/loss from real tangible or intangible exchange of a share from a regulated investment company held for six extension of time to file after April 30 2014 No extension request form is extent allocable to Iowa federal 1065 FEDERAL PARTNERSHIP RETURN Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit Employer Social Security Credit for File Electronically Go to www iowa gov/tax for details filers the due date is April 30 2014 There is an automatic 6 month filing Iowa individual income tax returns all partners must report all For all other credits enter the tax credit name in the first column For For any assets placed in service after September 10 2001 but before for further information For further information contact Taxpayer Services Iowa Department of For nonresident partners only enter the partnership s single factor Iowa For nonresident partners only multiply the amounts in column (a) by the for subsequent years total investment income which is determined to be Form IA K 1 shows each partner s share of modifications all source income forms IA 1065 and IA Schedule K 1 are provided on our Web site Individual fourth month following the close of the partnership s tax year For calendaryear from intangibles must be included in the numerator if the commercial from out of state call (515) 281 3114 Elsewhere in Iowa or the Rock General Instructions: has become an integral part of some business activity occurring here If the partnership has applied for but not yet received a number IA 1040 Modifications may be reported on the other adjustments or IA 148 Tax Credits Schedule Each partner s share of Iowa tax credits must If a partnership s income is from the manufacture or sale of tangible if partners report their incomes on a different year basis If the partnership does not have a motor fuel tax refund permit or canceled If the partnership had tax preference or minimum tax adjustment items they If the partnership is doing business both within and without Iowa: If the partnership is doing business wholly within Iowa: Skip lines 1 12 In addition Iowa does not allow the 50% or 100% bonus depreciation in column (a); no method of separate accounting is allowed Please in Part IV as the pass through entity income for federal income tax purposes Include any loss on the sale or income must be apportioned to Iowa by means of the business activity ratio Individual partners: If the tax year of a partner is different from that of individual trust or corporate tax return information for each partner in an acceptable format For your convenience information on the BAR for investment partnerships instructions are available online at www iowa gov/tax instructions are available online www iowa gov/tax Instructions for IA 1065 Schedule K 1: Partner s Share investment companies exempt from federal income tax and not exempt from Investment income may at the taxpayer s election be included in the Iowa apportioned income and Iowa tax credits You must provide complete Iowa if the property is shipped or delivered to a point within Iowa Iowa income taxes Iowa partnership form must also be used by syndicates pools joint ventures Iowa portion of the partnership income is apportioned to each partner Iowa the partnership must file an IA 1065 including the IA K 1 If the is $500 000 for tax years beginning in 2013 is a positive amount also enter it on line 14 of your IA 126 form If this Island/Moline or Omaha areas call toll free at 800 367 3388 Forms and it is to be apportioned to Iowa in the ratio to which the Iowa gross receipts item This is the amount apportionable to Iowa Nonresidents: These figures itemized deductions Enter the net figure on this line items In addition individual nonresident partners report totals from column its partners are Iowa residents or because the partnership is registered with its refund permit within the first 30 days of the year a motor fuel credit January 1 2014 Form IA 4562A must be filed to account for these Leave columns (b) and (c) blank for resident partners limited liability companies and other similar entities required to report activities Line 1 Net together items of income or loss on the federal Schedule K line 15(f) Line 15(f) schedule: Show name and amount for each item reported on Line 16(a): Enter the partner s all source modifications This figure is equal Line 16(b): For nonresident partners only enter the Iowa BAR Line 16(c): For nonresident partners only multiply line 16(a) by the Line 2 Enter the total interest and dividends from foreign securities from Line 3 If a partnership is a member of another partnership or the Line 4 Total of lines 2 and 3 Line 5 Enter the total interest received from federal securities such as Line 6 If a partnership is a member of another partnership or the Line 7 Add lines 5 and 6 Line 8 Subtract line 7 from line 4 This could result in either a positive Line 9 Add lines 1 and 8 This is the adjusted all source income of the List other states the partnership operates in if any List the type of return being filed: Partnership LLC or LLP May 6 2003 Iowa continues to disallow the 30% bonus depreciation may be claimed by each partner on his or her individual income tax return may be reportable on your IA 126 nonresident schedule months or less to the extent the loss was disallowed under section MOTOR FUEL TAX CREDIT Nonresident and Part year Resident Credit Individual income tax filing note: If you answered no to all three questions the partnership is not obtain it For information on obtaining a FEIN contact the IRS at 1 800829 of ADDITIONS furnished you by the other partnership estate or trust of Income Deductions & Modifications of Revenue Hoover State Office Building Des Moines Iowa 50319 0120 on a federal partnership return Please note: Only partnerships with activity on that portion which the gross sales made within the state bears to the operations and accounting practices or corporate income tax due dates and filing requirements These or estate or trust or losses must be included in the computation of the business activity or negative number OTHER TAX CREDITS ownership percentage Individual partners: If this figure is a positive PART I PART I: GENERAL INFORMATION PART II PARTNERSHIP INFORMATION PART II: PARTNER S PRO RATA SHARE ITEMS: PART III MODIFICATION OF PARTNERSHIP INCOME Part III: Partner s Portion of IA Credits/Withholding: If the partnership PART IV Business Activity Ratio (BAR) PART V Partner information Partners may qualify for various tax credits passed through to them by the Partners must complete the IA 148 to claim credits reporting the partnership Partners with pass through income need to review individual LLC trust partners: When completing your individual IA 1040 report the column (a) partnership partnership accounts are required to be kept for federal tax purposes even partnership are taxed on their individual shares whether actually distributed partnership income partnership income that is reportable on the partner s federal return on the partnership is allocated The partners may be subject to the Iowa minimum partnership The partnership must complete the appropriate form(s) where Partnership/LLC information partnerships without an Iowa location should enter 00 pay any tax due on the behalf of nonresident partners See form IA 1040C percentage in column (b) and enter the product in column (c) for each line percentage on line 16(b) and enter here Nonresident Partners: If this entry personal property the amount of income apportioned to Iowa is to be based PREPARER S INFORMATION AND SIGNATURE: Preparer s signature and date signed Preparer s address and ID number primary business activity http://www irs gov/instructions/i1120/ar03 html property must be included in the numerator for property located in Iowa property owned within Iowa or from a business carried on within Iowa The provide each partner a copy of the Iowa K 1 which will show how the provisions for assets acquired after December 31 2007 and before provisions of the federal Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 publications: www iowa gov/tax E mail: idr@iowa gov ratio if the investment income is derived from intangible property that recorded in Part III of the partner s IA K 1 regardless of the Freight on Board (F O B ) point or other conditions of regularly in or outside of Iowa See Iowa Rule 54 2(3) for clarification report all Iowa source income and adjustments on Iowa form IA 126 Iowa reportable as part of income/loss on your IA 1040 required Mail returns to Income Tax Return Processing Iowa Department required to file an IA 1065 unless its commercial domicile is in Iowa If requirements are available in the IA 1040 instruction booklet These return for the year in which the tax year of the partnership ends When Revenue PO Box 10457 Des Moines Iowa 50306 Des Moines area or schedules except the federal K 1 must be attached to this form securities of state and other political subdivisions and from regulated see our Web site (http://www iowa gov/tax/forms/partinc html) for more should be able to answer specific questions about the partnership s SIGNATURE: Specific Instructions: submitted Iowa withholding for the partner enter it in the current year tax on the items of tax preference or adjustments allocated to them TAX PREFERENCE ITEMS The Iowa partnership return must be filed on or before the last day of the The Iowa partnership return must be made on the same period basis as the the Iowa Secretary of State the partner s current address the partner s share of the current year amount in the third column the partnership the distributable share is to be included in the individual The return must be signed and dated by a partner or member The return the sale If the partnership s distribution includes income derived from the signer s title and daytime phone number TIME AND PLACE FOR FILING Tips and Alcohol and Cellulosic Biofuel Credit Enter the amount of credits to file A non Iowa partnership should not file only because one or more of to the partnership s all source modifications multiplied by the partner s to them or not This pass through income is reportable on the partner s total gross sales of the partnership The sale of tangible property occurs in trade or business a part of which is conducted within Iowa Business U S Treasury bonds notes bills and savings bonds included in taxable whether to include investment income in the computation of the business WHO MUST FILE will be allocated to the partners in the same ratio as net income from the will not be considered valid unless this requirement is met Also include you answered yes to any question or if its commercial domicile is in zero in column (b) of the K 1 for each nonresident partner