2013 KS - Kansas Tax Forms

Form CR-20Homestead-Foods Sales Tax Credit12/09/2013
Form CRFNet Operating Loss Carry Forward09/04/2012
Form IA-22Questionnaire of Earnings Allocation08/28/2007
Form IA-36Kansas Individual Income Tax Instructions for Armed Forces Personnel01/16/2004
Form IA-81Claim to Support Withholding Tax Credit05/17/2011
Form K-120Corporation Income Tax11/05/2013
Form K-120ELBusiness Income Election12/04/2013
Form K-120ES2014 Corporate Estimated Income Tax Vouchers, Worksheet and Instructions11/06/2013
Form K-120EXExpensing Deduction11/14/2013
K-120-InstCorporate Income Tax Instructions - 201310/03/2013
Form K-120SSmall Business Form and Instructions01/13/2014
Form K-120VCorporate Income Tax Payment Voucher09/19/2013
Form K-121Combined Income Method of Reporting10/23/2013
Form K-139Application for Refund from Carry Back of Net Operating Loss09/29/2011
Form K-139FCorporate Schedule for Refund from Carry Back of Farm Net Operating Loss10/05/2011
Form K-210Individual Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule and instructions11/07/2013
Form K-220Underpayment of Estimated Corporation Tax and Instructions11/07/2013
Form K-30Angel Investor Credit10/22/2013
Form K-31Center for Entrepreneurship Credit10/19/2010
Form K-32Regional Foundation Contribution Credit10/19/2010
Form K-33Agritourism Liability Insurance Credit10/22/2013
Form K-34Business and Job Development Credit02/06/2012
K-34-WkstProperty Payroll Worksheet for S-Corps and Shareholders10/29/2009
Form K-35Historic Preservation Credit10/31/2011
Form K-36Telecommunications Credit10/22/2013
Form K-37Disabled Access Credit10/22/2013
Form K-38Swine Facility Improvement Credit10/30/2013
Form K-39Plugging an Abandoned Oil or Gas Well Credit10/31/2013
Form K-4Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate10/22/2013
Form K-40Individual Income Tax09/19/2013
K-40-BkltComplete Income Tax Instruction Booklet - 201302/12/2014
Form K-40CComposite Income Tax Schedule02/12/2014
Form K-40ES2014 Individual Estimated Income Tax Vouchers, Worksheet and Instructions02/12/2014
Form K-40VKansas Payment Voucher09/19/2013
K-40-WkstAllocation of Income Worksheet - 201311/22/2013
Form K-42Assistive Technology Contribution Credit10/31/2013
Form K-47Adoption Credit10/31/2013
Form K-51Agricultural Loan Interest Reduction Credit09/25/2006
Form K-52Agricultural Loan Interest Reduction Credit, Summary Schedule09/25/2006
Form K-53Research and Development Credit10/31/2013
Form K-55Venture and Local Seed Capital Credit10/31/2013
Form K-56Child Day Care Assistance Credit10/31/2013
Form K-57Small Employer Health Insurance Contribution Credit10/31/2013
Form K-59High Performance Incentive Program Credits09/25/2012
Form K-60Community Service Contribution Credit10/31/2011
Form K-62Alternative-Fuel Tax Credit11/04/2013
Form K-63Habitat Management Credit12/20/2005
Form K-64Business Machinery and Equipment Credit09/29/2011
Form K-64OInformational Return for Credits on Business Machinery and Equipment09/13/2007
Form K-67Application for Carry Back of Net Operating Farm Loss Refund09/29/2011
Form K-68Individual Development Account Credit10/31/2013
Form K-71Mathmatics and Science Teacher Employment Credit09/14/2007
Form K-72Law Enforcement Training Center Credit09/29/2011
Form K-73Petroleum Refinery Credit01/19/2012
Form K-75Historic Site Contribution Credit10/03/2011
Form K-76Single City Port Authority Credit10/31/2013
Form K-77Qualifying Pipeline Credit01/19/2012
Form K-78Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant Credit10/19/2010
Form K-79Cellulosic Alcohol Plant Credit01/19/2012
Form K-80Integrated Coal Gasification Power Plant Credit10/19/2010
Form K-81Environmental Compliance Credit10/31/2013
Form K-82Storage and Blending Equipment Credit09/29/2011
Form K-83Electric Cogeneration Facility Credit09/29/2011
Form K-84Technical and Community College Deferred Maintenance Credit Instructions08/17/2010
Form K-85University Deferred Maintenance Credit Instructions08/17/2010
Form K-86Film Production Credit09/29/2011
Form K-87Declared Disaster Capital Investment Credit01/19/2012
K-88-InstOwners Promoting Employment Across Kansas10/31/2013
Form KS-1500Codes for Principal Business Activity and Principal Product or Service- NAICS Codes12/31/2012
Form RF-9Decedent Refund Claim10/24/2013
Schedule SIndividual Income Tax Supplemental Schedule02/06/2014