Form 502CR Fillable Maryland Personal Income Tax Credits for Individuals and Instructions
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

After certification by Baltimore County you may claim If you are a member of a PTE for which nonresident If you are the beneficiary of a trust or a Qualified If you live in the Hillendale Northbrook Pelham Woods If you repaid an amount this year reported as income NOTE: You must file your income tax See Business Tax Credit Form 500CR Instructions See instructions for Form 502S $3 000 you may be eligible for an IRC Section 1341 0 enter 0 1 Be an HEZ practitioner who practices health care in an HEZ 1 Primary care including obstetrics gynecological services 13 of Form 505NR) 2 Behavioral health services including mental health or 2 Demonstrate competency in cultural linguistic and 3 Accept and provide care for patients enrolled in the 3 Dental services 4 Meet any other criteria required by DHMH to be certified 502CR for tax year 2012 alcohol and substance abuse services; or an income tax credit equal to the property tax credit and 515 filers should use tax tables or computation Applicants seeking certification will be approved on a first come attach Form 510 Schedule K 1 issued to you and to the beginning on or after January 1 2016 by the PTE COM/RAD 012 13 49 computed on Maryland Business Tax Credit Form 500CR and contained in the instructions for Form 502 (Form 505 December 31 2005 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH); Development Tax Credit the Biotechnology Investment Development Tax Credit the Clean Energy Incentive dhmh maryland gov for more information Do not include the local income tax Eligibility for this tax credit is limited to funds budgeted first served basis To become certified the HEZ practitioner For additional information contact the Maryland Environmental for qualifications for the One Maryland Economic for this credit government approved by DHMH Go to DHMH website at: granted by Baltimore County Enter the amount on Part H line 8 exceeds the state tax the excess will not be refunded health care in a Health Enterprise Zone in 2013 health literacy in a manner determined by the Maryland Hiring Credit the Small Business Research & I line 1 and attach a copy of the certification If you are a qualified Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ) If you have hired qualified employees to work in an HEZ you in Baltimore County must have been applied for by Incentive Tax Credit the Health Enterprise Zone INCOME TAX CREDIT information see Administrative Release 40 INSTRUCTIONS instructions from our website at www marylandtaxes com Line 1 Enter the amount of taxable net income from your Line 1 NEIGHBORHOOD STABILIZATION CREDIT Line 2 Enter the amount of State tax from line 22 of Form 502 Line 2 SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES TAX CREDIT Line 3 Enter the amount of income that you earned practicing Line 3 REFUNDABLE BUSINESS INCOME TAX CREDITS Line 4 IRC SECTION 1341 REPAYMENT CREDIT Line 4 Revised income: Subtract line 3 from line 1 If less than Line 5 FLOW THROUGH NONRESIDENT PTE TAX Line 5 Tax on amount on line 4 Compute the Maryland tax Line 6 Add lines 1 through 5 Enter the total on the appropriate Line 6 Tax credit (Subtract line 5 from line 1) Enter here and line of the income tax form being filed Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation at 410 841 Maryland income tax return (line 20 of Form 502 or line Maryland Medical Assistance Program and for uninsured may apply to the non profit community organization or local may be entitled to an HEZ Hiring tax credit This credit is may qualify for this credit Credit for homes purchased must be a health care practitioner who is licensed or certified on a prior year federal return that was greater than on Part H line 7 (If less than 0 enter 0 ) or from line 16 of Form 505NR or Taylor/Dartmouth areas of Baltimore County you Page 4 paid you may be entitled to a credit for your share of PART G HEALTH ENTERPRISE ZONE PRACTITIONER PART H INCOME TAX CREDIT SUMMARY PART I REFUNDABLE INCOME TAX CREDITS partnership limited liability company or S Corporation patients; pediatric services or geriatric services; practicing health care in an HEZ To apply for certification you Practitioner you may be able to claim a credit against prior year provides: refundable credits listed below: Repayment credit Attach documentation For additional requires DHMH certification You must file your Maryland income return electronically to claim any of the share of that tax Enter the amount on this line and Subchapter S Trust for which nonresident PTE tax was Tax Credit and the Film Production Activity Tax Credit tax return electronically to claim this credit You may download tax was paid you may be entitled to a credit for your that tax Enter the amount on this line and attach both that would be due on the revised taxable net income by The carryover amount can be found on Part F line 7 of Form the Form 504 Schedule K 1 for the trust and a copy of the Form 510 Schedule K 1 issued to the trust by the This credit is limited to the State tax There is no carryover This part is to summarize Parts A through G If the total from Part to another year No credits may be earned for any tax year To be eligible to claim this tax credit you must: Trust at 410 514 7900 www dnr state md us/met or the under the Maryland Health Occupations Article and who using the Maryland Tax Table or Computation Worksheet worksheet in the Form 505 nonresident instructions ) www marylandtaxes com You may download instructions from our website at your State tax liability for income that you earned for