2013 ME - Maine Tax Forms

Form 1040EXT-MEextension payment voucher11/13/2012
Form 1040MEIndividual tax return form (NOTE that Maine short Form 1040S-ME has been eliminated)02/13/2013
1040ME-MinTax-WkstMinimum Tax Credit worksheet11/16/2012
Form 1040ME-PVpayment voucher for electronically filed returns02/26/2013
1040ME-Schd-1income modifications / pension income deduction worksheet12/03/2012
1040ME-Schd-2itemized deduction11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-Aadjustments to tax/child care credit worksheet11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-A-B-WkstWorksheets A & B residency information and income allocation for nonresidents and part-year residents11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-CPvoluntary contributions and park pass purchases09/28/2012
1040ME-Schd-NRapportionment for nonresidents and part-year residents11/19/2012
1040ME-Schd-NRHapportionment for married person electing to file single01/24/2013
1040ME-WkstWorksheet for credit for taxes paid other jurisdiction12/19/2012
1040ME-Wkst-Cemployee apportionment12/06/2012
Form 1040X-MEamended income tax return10/24/2012
Form 1041EXT-MEExtension Payment Voucher10/15/2012
Form 1041MEFiduciary Income Tax Return for resident and nonresident estates and trusts12/19/2012
1041ME-InstGeneral Instructions12/06/2012
1041ME-Schd-AAdjustments to tax12/06/2012
1041ME-Schd-NRNonresident apportionment10/12/2012
1041ME-WkstMinimum Tax Credit Worksheet08/21/2013
Form 1120ES-MEVouchers for estimated tax payments12/12/2012
Form 1120EXT-MEExtension payment voucher10/09/2012
Form 1120MECorporate income tax form04/18/2013
Form 1120W-MEWorksheet for calculating estimated tax payments09/14/2011
Form 1120X-MEAmended income tax return10/09/2012
Form 2210MEUnderpayment of estimated tax10/01/2012
2210ME-WkstAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet for Form 2210ME10/12/2012
Form 2220MEUnderpayment of estimated tax09/28/2012
2220ME-WkstAnnualized income installment worksheet for form 2220ME09/28/2012
Form 700-SOVEstate tax statement of value for lien discharge04/02/2013
Form 706MEMaine Estate Tax Return09/04/2013
706ME-Wkst-DCredit for Estate Tax paid to Other Jurisdictions By Resident Estates09/30/2013
Form CRcombined return for members of an affiliated group09/28/2012
Schd-B-WkstMinimum Tax Worksheet for Schedule B09/28/2012