Form 1040EXT-ME Fillable extension payment voucher
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

DO NOT STAPLE OR TAPE CHECK TO YOUR FORM DO NOT CUT OR DETACH THIS FORM DO NOT SEND PHOTOCOPIES OF THIS FORM (click on Electronic Services) *1201600* a joint return enter your names and social security numbers in the same order as they appear on your return Address (number street and apt no ) Amount Paid with this voucher 00 Augusta ME 04332 9101 be withdrawn on the payment date the taxpayer selects City/Town State Zip Code Enter the amount of your check or money order in the space provided Enter your name(s) social security number(s) telephone number and address in the spaces provided If you are filing Extension Payment Voucher for Individual Income Tax Form 1040EXT ME Mail your completed payment voucher and payment to: Maine EZ Pay Maine EZ Pay is an online application that allows Maine taxpayers to make payments online quickly and easily Maine Revenue Services Make checks payable to Treasurer State of Maine PO Box 9101 Spouse s First Name Initial Area Code Home Phone Number Spouse s Last Name Area Code Work Phone Number Taxpayers must pre register online with personal and bank account information and payments will be withdrawn from the checking or savings account that is set up in the registration For more information see www maine gov/revenue the necessity of filing forms 1040EXT PV (extension payment voucher) To avoid having to make payments earlier than necessary payments may be scheduled in advance and will automatically To mail your payment follow the instructions below You may pay your income tax electronically at www maine gov/revenue Electronic payments eliminate Your First Name Initial Your Social Security Number Your Last Name Spouse s Social Security Number