2013 MI - Michigan Tax Forms

Form 13742013 MI-1041ES, Michigan Estimated Income Tax for Fiduciaries01/28/2013
Form 165Annual Return for Sales, Use and Withholding Taxes12/13/2013
Form 173Report of Fuel Sales Tax Prepayment and Environmental Protection Regulatory Fee for Refinders, Terminal Operators and Importers04/19/2013
Form 2189Fuel Retailer Supplemental Report04/09/2013
Form 2196Request for Bottle Deposit Fund Reimbursement (for Retailers and Dealers)03/11/2013
Form 2666Michigan Unredeemed Beverage Container Deposit Report01/08/2014
Form 2793 L-40172014 24 Month & 12 Month Sales Ratio Studyme/it/rena
Form 3174Direct Deposit of Refund12/11/2013
Form 3281State of Michigan New Hire Reporting Form11/08/2012
Form 3421Sales Tax Return for Special Events04/18/2011
Form 3581Historic Preservation Tax Credit01/15/2014
Form 35892013 Cable Television & Public Utility Property Report11/05/2012
Form 3812013 OIL SEVERANCE TAX RETURN12/20/2012
Form 3822013 GAS SEVERANCE TAX RETURN12/20/2012
Form 3861Annual Return Worksheet10/02/2012
Form 3862Monthly or Quarterly Sales and Use Tax Worksheet11/09/2012
Form 3891Refund Request for Prepaid Sales Tax on Fuel08/15/2013
Form 4Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax Returns01/07/2014
Form 429Fuel Supplier and Wholesaler Prepaid Sales Tax Report04/09/2013
Form 446-I2013 Michigan Income Tax Withholding Guide11/08/2012
Form 446-TMichigan Income Tax Withholding Tables09/04/2012
Form 4567Annual Return01/08/2014
Form 4568Nonrefundable Credits Summary01/08/2014
Form 4569Single Business Tax Credit Carryforwards01/08/2014
Form 4570Credits for Compensation, Investment, and Research and Development01/08/2014
Form 4571Common Credits for Small Businesses01/08/2014
Form 4572Charitable Contribution Credits01/08/2014
Form 4573Miscellaneous Nonrefundable Credits01/08/2014
Form 4574Refundable Credits01/08/2014
Form 4575Loss Adjustment Worksheet for the Small Business Alternative Credit01/08/2014
Form 4576MBT-V e-file Annual Return Payment Voucher01/10/2014
Form 4577Schedule of Shareholders and Officers01/08/2014
Form 4578Schedule of Partners01/08/2014
Form 4579Qualified Affordable Housing Seller's Deduction01/10/2014
Form 4580Unitary Business Group Combined Filing Schedule01/08/2014
Form 4581Supplemental Schedule for Unitary Business Groups - Schedule of Business Activity for Non-Designated Members of a Unitary Business Group Protected Under Public Law 86-27201/10/2014
Form 4582Penalty and Interest Computation for Underpaid Estimated Tax01/08/2014
Form 4584Election of Refund or Carryforward of Credits, and Calculation of Historic Preservation and Brownfield Redevelopment Carryforward01/08/2014
Form 4585Investment Tax Credit Recapture From Sale of Assets Acquired Under Single Business Tax01/08/2014
Form 4586Schedule of Business Activity Protected Under Public Law 86-27201/10/2014
Form 4587Schedule of Recapture of Certain Business Tax Credits and Deductions01/08/2014
Form 4588Insurance Company Annual Return for Michigan Business and Retaliatory Taxes01/09/2014
Form 4590Annual Return for Financial Institutions01/09/2014
Form 4592Instruction Booklet for Insurance Companies (includes forms 4588, 4596, 4966 and 4974)01/10/2014
Form 4594Farmland Preservation Tax Credit01/10/2014
Form 4595Renaissance Zone Credit Schedule01/08/2014
Form 4596Miscellaneous Credits for Insurance Companies01/09/2014
Form 4599Instruction Booklet for Financial Institutions (Includes forms 4590 and 4752)01/10/2014
Form 4600Instruction Booklet for Standard Taxpayers01/10/2014
Form 4642Voluntary Contributions Schedule01/13/2014
Form 4700Gross Receipts Worksheet01/08/2014
Form 4746Business Income Worksheet01/08/2014
Form 4752Unitary Business Group Combined Filing Schedule for Financial Institutions01/09/2014
Form 4798Automotive Manufacturing Equipment Personal Property Report10/03/2013
Form 4808Quarterly Report of Income Tax Withholding Received by Community College from Employer Under Agreement for New Jobs Training Program06/15/2010
Form 4884Pension Schedule11/20/2013
4884-InstPension Schedule Instructions12/20/2013
Form 49132013 Corporate Income Tax Quarterly Return02/01/2013
4913-Inst2013 Corporate Income Tax Quarterly Return Instructions01/18/2013
Form 4917Flow-Through Withholding Quarterly Return02/01/2013
Form 4917-IInstructions for Form 4917 Flow-Through Withholding (FTW) Quarterly Return05/17/2012
4917-InstFlow-Through Withholding Quarterly Return Instructions09/27/2013
Form 4927-TMichigan Pension and Retirement Payments Withholding Tables09/04/2012
Form 4946Schedule of Corporate Income Tax Liability for a Michigan Business Tax Filer01/08/2014
Form 4947Schedule of Certificated Credits01/08/2014
Form 4966MBT Schedule of Flow-Through Withholding01/08/2014
Form 4973Pension Continuation Schedule12/04/2013
Form 4974Schedule of Corporate Income Tax Liability for an MBT Insurance Filer01/09/2014
Form 4975Schedule of Corporate Income Tax Liability for a Michigan Business Tax Financial Filer01/09/2014
Form 4976Home Heating Credit Claim Supplemental12/04/2013
Form 50422013 Diesel Fuel Advanced Prepaid Credit04/09/2013
Form 5043Repayment of 2013 Diesel Fuel Advanced Prepaid Credit04/08/2013
Form 632 L-41752013 (12/31/12) Personal Property Statement12/06/2012
Form MI-1040Individual Income Tax Return12/04/2013
Form MI-1040CRHomestead Property Tax Credit Claim12/12/2013
Form MI-1040CR-2Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim for Veterans and Blind People12/04/2013
MI-1040CR-2-InstHomestead Property Tax Credit Claim for Veterans and Blind People Instruction Book01/02/2014
Form MI-1040CR-5Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Claim12/04/2013
MI-1040CR-5-InstFarmland Preservation Tax Credit Claim Instruction Book01/16/2014
Form MI-1040CR-7Home Heating Credit Claim01/15/2014
MI-1040CR-InstHomestead Property Tax Credit Claim Instructions12/20/2013
Form MI-1040DAdjustments of Capital Gains and Losses01/03/2014
Form MI-1040HSchedule of Apportionment01/07/2014
MI-1040-InstIndividual Income Tax Instruction Book01/02/2014
Form MI-1040VIndividual Income Tax e-file Payment Voucher12/03/2013
Form MI-1040XAmended Michigan Income Tax Return12/04/2013
Form MI-1045Application for Michigan Net Operating Loss Refund12/04/2013
Form MI-1310Claim for Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer12/04/2013
Form MI-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax01/03/2014
Form MI-4797Adjustments of Gains and Losses From Sales of Business Property01/02/2014
Form MI-8453Michigan e-file Signature01/03/2014
Form MI-8949Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets01/07/2014
Schedule 1Additions and Subtractions12/04/2013
Schedule 1-InstAdditions and Subtractions Instructions12/20/2013
Schedule CR-5Schedule of Taxes and Allocation to Each Agreement12/04/2013
Schedule CR-5-InstSchedule of Taxes and Allocation to Each Agreement Instructions01/02/2014
Schedule NRNonresident and Part-Year Resident Schedule01/02/2014
Schedule WSchedule of Withholding12/04/2013