2013 MT - Montana Tax Forms

Form AEPCAlternative Energy Production Credit01/07/2014
Form AFCRAlternative Fuel Credit01/07/2014
Form AMDMontana Individual Income Tax Amended Return Reconciliation01/07/2014
Form ATLAssumption of Montana Tax Liabilities04/24/2013
Form BBSCBiodiesel Blending and Storage Credit01/07/2014
Form CCCollege Contribution Credit01/07/2014
Form CLT -4Corporation License Tax Return01/07/2014
Form CLT-4SS-Corporation Information and Composite Tax Return01/07/2014
Form CLT-4-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Tax01/07/2014
Form CR-TTax Certificate Request02/04/2014
Form CT Payment VoucherCorporation License Tax Payment Form01/06/2014
Form DCACDependent Care Assistance Credits01/07/2014
Form DER-1Disregarded Entity Information Return01/07/2014
Form DS-1Disability Income Exemption01/07/2014
Form ECCElderly Care Credit01/07/2014
Form ENRG-AGeothermal System Credit01/07/2014
Form ENRG-BAlternative Energy System Credit01/07/2014
Form ENRG-CEnergy Conservation Installation Credit01/07/2014
Form ESAEstimated Tax Annualization Worksheet01/07/2014
Form ESLExtension of Statute of Limitations05/09/2012
Form EST-IUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries01/07/2014
Form ESWMontana Individual Estimated Income Tax Worksheet01/07/2014
Form ESW-FIDMontana Fiduciary Estimated Income Tax Worksheet01/07/2014
Form ETMEnrolled Tribal Member01/07/2014
Form EXTExtension Payment Worksheet01/07/2014
Form EXT-FIDExtension Payment Worksheet01/07/2014
Form FID Payment VoucherEstates and Trusts (Fiduciary) Income Tax Payment Form01/06/2014
Form 2 SCH IMontana Additions to Federal Adjusted Gross Income01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH IIMontana Subtractions to Federal Adjusted Gross Income01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH IIIMontana Itemized Deductions01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH IVNon-Resident/Part-Year Resident Tax01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH VMontana Tax Credits01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH VI and VIICredit for Income Tax Liability Paid to Another State or County Full Year/Part Year Resident Only01/07/2014
Form 2 SCH VIIIReporting of Special Transactions01/07/2014
Form 2Montana Individual Income Tax Return Long Form01/07/2014
Form 2101W-2 Withholding Declaration02/23/2012
Form 2441-MChild and Dependent Care Expense Deduction01/27/2014
Form 2ECMontana Elderly Homeowner/Renter Credit01/07/2014
Form 2EZMontana Individual Income Tax Return Short Form01/07/2014
Form 2MMontana Individual Income Tax Return Intermediate Form01/07/2014
Form 2M-WkstWorksheets Worksheet VI-IDL01/10/2014
Form 2-Wkst-IITax Benefit Rule for Federal Income Tax Refund01/07/2014
Form 2-Wkst-IIIIV Qualified Capital Gain Exclusion and Partial Pension and Annuity Income Exclusion01/07/2014
Form 2-Wkst-IXTax Benefit Rule for Recoveries of Itemized Deductions01/07/2014
Form 2-Wkst-VStandard Deduction01/07/2014
Form 2-Wkst-VIQualified Mortgage Insurance Premiums Deduction12/03/2012
Form 2-Wkst-VIIITaxable Social Security Benefits01/07/2014
Form FID-3Estates and Trusts (Fiduciary) Income Tax Return01/07/2014
Form FID-3-Wkst-I-IICredit for Income Tax Liability Paid to Another State or Country Full Year Resident Only and Part Year Resident Only01/07/2014
Form-Fid3-Schd-K-1Beneficiary's Share of Income (Loss) deductions and credits Fiduciary01/07/2014
Form FPCFilm Production Credit01/07/2014
Form FPC-AFFilm Production Credit Application Fee02/09/2012
Form FPC-PPFilm Production Credit Submission of Costs End of Principal Photography01/07/2014
Form FPC-RDFilm Production Credit Residency Declaration10/10/2012
Form FRMFarm and Ranch Risk Management Account01/07/2014
Form FTBFirst Time Home Buyer Savings Account01/07/2014
Form HIHealth Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit01/07/2014
Form INA-CTAffidavit of Corporate Inactivity03/23/2012
Form INDTribal Member Certification08/15/2012
Interactive 2013 Form 2 (MCA and ARM citations)02/04/2014
Form IT Payment VoucherIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher01/06/2014
Form IUFCInfrastructure User Fee Credit01/07/2014
Form MHPEMobile Home Park Exclusion01/07/2014
Form MINE-CERTApplication and Affidavit for Certification and Approval of Mineral and Coal Exploration Incentive Credits 2013 Form*,01/07/2014
Form MINE-CREDMineral and Coal Exploration Incentive Credit01/07/2014
Form MSAMontana Medical Care Savings Account01/07/2014
Form MT-R* - Reciprocity Exemption from Withholding for North Dakota residents who work in Montana - NEW!12/30/2013
Form NEXUSNexus Questionnaire10/10/2012
Form NOLMontana Net Operating Loss01/07/2014
Form NOL-Pre-99Net Operating Loss Worksheet01/07/2014
Form OSCOil Seed Crushing and Biodiesel/Biolubricant Production Facilities01/07/2014
Form PR Payment VoucherPartnership Tax Payment Voucher01/06/2014
Form PR-1Partnership Information and Composite Tax Return01/07/2014
Form PT-AGRPass-through Entity Owner Tax Agreement01/07/2014
Form PT-STMSecond Tier Pass-through Entity Owner Statement01/07/2014
Form PT-WHIncome Tax Withheld for a Nonresident Individual Foreign C-Corporation or Second Tier Pass-through Entity01/04/2012
Form QECQualified Endowment Credit01/07/2014
Form RCYLRecycling Credit/Deduction01/07/2014
Form RDF-CTApplication to be considered a Research and Development Firm04/30/2012
Form RSCHIncrease Research and Development Activities Credit03/08/2012
Form SB Payment VoucherSmall Business Corporation Tax Payment Voucher01/08/2014
Schedule K-1(for CLT-4S and PR-1) Partner's/Shareholder's Share of Income (Loss) Deductions - Credits01/07/2014
Form TELCTemporary Emergency Lodging Credit01/06/2014
Form VTVeterans Program Contribution/Deduction01/06/2014
Form WE-ELECTWater's Edge Election04/05/2012