2013 NC - North Carolina Tax Forms

Form A-101Estate Tax Return- web fill-in10/23/2013
Form CD-401SS Corporation Tax Return -instructions12/30/2013
Form CD-405 CWCombined Corporate Income Tax Worksheet - instructions12/30/2013
Form CD-405C Corporation Tax Return -instructions12/30/2013
Form CD-418Cooperative or Mutual Association12/30/2013
Form CD-425Corporate Tax Credit Summary12/30/2013
Form CD-429BUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by C Corporations12/30/2013
Form CD-479North Carolina Annual Report for Business Corporations05/29/2013
Form D-400Individual Income Tax Return (no tax credits) -12/12/2013
Form D-400-TCIndividual Income Tax Return and Form D-400TC, Individual Tax Credits12/12/2013
Form D-400XAmended North Carolina Individual Income Tax Return for 2013 - web fill-in, instructions12/12/2013
Form D-401Individual Income Tax Instructions for Form D-40012/12/2013
Form D-403Partnership Income Tax Return - web fill-in12/12/2013
Form D-403AInstructions for Partnership Income Tax Return12/12/2013
Form D-403TCPartnership Tax Credit Summary - web fill-in11/20/2013
Form D-407Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts -web fill-in12/12/2013
Form D-407AInstructions for Form D-40712/17/2013
Form D-407TCEstates and Trusts Tax Credit Summary - web fill-in11/21/2013
Form D-422Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals12/12/2013
Form D-422AAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet12/12/2013
Form D-429Worksheet For Determining The Credit For The Disabled Taxpayer, Dependent And/Or Spouse12/12/2013
Form D-499Application for Tax Credit for Qualified Business Investments12/12/2013
Form NC K-1(For Form CD-401S) Shareholder's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits12/30/2013
Form NC K-1-D403(For Form D-403) Partner's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits10/23/2013
Form NC K-1-D407(For Form D-407) Beneficiary's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits10/23/2013
Form NC-1099Report of Sale of Real Property by Nonresidentsweb fill-in12/14/2010
Form NC-415Tax Credit for Qualifying Expenses of a Film or Television Production Company12/21/2010
Form NC-478Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478ATax Credit - Creating New Jobs - instructions11/15/2011
Form NC-478BTax Credit - Investing in Machinery and Equipment - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478ETax Credit - Investing in Central Office or Aircraft Facility Property -instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478GTax Credit - Investing in Renewable Energy Property - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478HTax Credit - Low Income Housing -instructions12/20/2012
Form NC-478ITax Credit - Technology Development -instructions12/30/2013
NC-478-InstTax Credit General Instructions01/16/2014
Form NC-478JTax Credit - Creating New Jobs - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478KTax Credit - Investing in Business Property - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478LTax Credit - Investing in Real Property - instructions12/30/2013
Form NC-478-PassThruPass-through Schedule for NC-478 Series12/20/2012
Form NC-ACBusiness Address Correction06/03/2008
Form NC-BNOut-of-Business Notification02/15/2002
Form NC-NANonresident Shareholder Agreement01/09/2009
Form NC-NPANonresident Partner Affirmation12/12/2013