Form NC-478-Inst Fillable Tax Credit General Instructions
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(NC 478E) 15 2014 2013 you must file the applicable NC 478 series form within 6 3J credits and no exclusions for establishments located in 3J The following example illustrates this requirement: A calendar year taxpayer creates 10 new qualifying jobs in 2013 a county level If a taxpayer engages in an activity that qualifies a gross premiums tax liability can claim any of the Article 3A credits All of t he tax credit s listed are available t o individuals allocated is subject to the fee any extensions of that date This only applies to Article 3A and applicable NC 478 letter series form for the credit If no letter series Applying the six month statute of limitations the taxpayer has Article 3A Credits Article 3B Credits Article 3E Credits Article 3F Credits Article 3J Credits Article 3K Credits at the time the taxpayer claims an installment or carryforward of a beneficiaries to allow them to complete the NC 478 series The Biodiesel Producers (NC 478) Both the NC 478 and any applicable NC 478 series form must be Business and Energy Tax Credits by April 15 2014 the NC 478J would have to be filed by October completing the NC 478 series Constructing a Railroad Intermodal Facility (NC 478) Contributions to Development Zone Projects (NC 478) Creating New Jobs (NC 478) Creating New Jobs (NC 478J) credit An overdue tax debt is defined as any part of a tax debt credit for manufacturing cigarettes for export and the tax credit for credit or an Article 3J credit if the taxpayer has an overdue tax debt credit or an installment of a credit against the taxpayer s tax liability credits available without regard to the 50% limitation and are Deadline for filing To claim a credit against your tax liability for designed to report a taxpayer s activity at an establishment or at distressed areas If the activity is conducted by a pass through Donating to a Nonprofit Organization for Investing in Employment (NC 478) entity the pass through entity not its owners to which the credit is extends the due date of the tax return to October 15 2014 Fee for Article 3J Credits A taxpayer that engages in an activity filed for any taxable year in which the taxpayer is eligible to take a for a credit at more than one establishment or county a separate for claiming jobs If the taxpayer does not file a timely extension for that year This requirement applies even if the taxpayer s tax form applies to the credit file a schedule setting out the required form must be filed for each credit For additional information from the credit General Instructions Incentives for Railroad Intermodal Facilities information information must be provided on or as an attachment to the NC Instructions forWeb 2013 NC 478 Series Interactive Digital Media (NC 478I) Investing in Business Property (NC 478K) Investing in Central Office or Aircraft Facility Property Investing in Machinery and Equipment (NC 478B) Investing in Real Property (NC 478L) Investing in Renewable Energy Property (NC 478G) K 1 provided to the owner or beneficiary An owner or beneficiary liability for that year is not large enough for the taxpayer to benefit limitation and the applicable NC 478 series form on which the credit limited to 50% of tax less the sum of all other tax credits claimed Listed below are the tax credits that are subject to the 50% of tax Low Income Housing (NC 478) Low Income Housing Tax Credits Manufacturing Cigarettes for Export (NC 478) Manufacturing Cigarettes for Export While Increasing manufacturing cigarettes for export while increasing employment may result in the disallowance of these tax credits months after the due date for filing the tax return including N C Research and Development (NC 478I) NC 478 INST NC 478 Instructions Web Page 2 not paid within 90 days The term does not include a tax debt for Note The NC 478I is designed to report a taxpayer s activity of taking an installment of a credit or any unused portion of a credit or any unused portion of the credit is claimed: or multiple counties see the specific instructions for each credit or the Article 3J credits Other Credits Subject to the 50% of Tax Limit Overdue Tax Debts A taxpayer is ineligible for an Article 3A tax partnerships estates trusts and corporations except the tax Pass through entities A pass through entity must provide Place the NC 478 forms or alternative schedules at the front of the Purpose of the NC 478 Series regarding the calculation of tax credits for multiple establishments Renewable Energy Property (NC 478) Renewable Energy Property Facility (NC 478) Renewable Fuel Facility (NC 478) Research & Development (NC 478) respect to an establishment There is no maximum fee for Article Short period returns If a taxpayer is required to file more than one should add the credits passed through by a pass through entity Small Business Health Insurance (NC 478) Substantial Investment in Other Real Property (NC 478) sufficient information about the tax credits to its owners or Tax Credits for Growing Businesses Tax Incentives for New and Expanding Businesses tax return behind the CD V payment voucher NC 478V J payment tax return during a year each return constitutes a year for purposes Technology Commercialization (NC 478) Technology Development that qualifies for an Article 3J credit must pay a $500 fee for each The NC 478 letter series forms are used to calculate the specific The NC 478 series consists of the NC 478 summary form and the The taxpayer files a timely extension on April 15 2014 which throughout the State to any credits the owner or beneficiary qualifies for directly when to include a form or required document with your tax return type of Article 3J credit the taxpayer claims or intends to claim with until April 15 2015 to file the NC 478J and report the 2013 credit Use of North Carolina Ports (NC 478) Use the NC 478 series to calculate and report tax credits that are voucher and the CD 479 Annual Report Form Important Failure When to File which are available only to corporations Insurance companies with which the taxpayer has entered into a valid installment agreement with the Department Work Opportunity (NC 478)