2013 ND - North Dakota Tax Forms

Form 38Fiduciary Income Tax Return11/18/2013
Form 38-BkltBooklet11/12/2013
Form 38-ESEstimated Income Tax - Estates and Trusts12/02/2013
Form 38-EXTFiduciary Extension Payment Voucher11/15/2013
Form 38-PVPayment Voucher - (fill-in pdf)12/23/2013
Form 40- Corporation Income Tax Return - (fill-in pdf)11/18/2013
Form 40-BkltBooklet - Instructions Only11/12/2013
Form 40-ES- Estimated Tax Form - (fill-in pdf)11/15/2013
Form 40-EXT- Corporate Extension Payment Voucher - (fill-in pdf)11/15/2013
Form 40-UT- Underpayment of Estimated North Dakota Income Tax by Corporations - (fill-in pdf)11/08/2013
Form 40-X- Amended Corporation Income Tax Return - (fill-in pdf)11/26/2012
Form 58 Booklet11/12/2013
Form 58 ESPartnership Estimated Tax Payment11/07/2013
Form 58 EXTPartnership Extension Payment11/07/2013
Form 58Partnership Return of Income12/03/2013
Form 58-K-1(Form 58) - (fill-in pdf)12/05/2013
Form 58-PVPayment Voucher - (fill-in pdf)12/04/2013
Form 60 Booklet11/12/2013
Form 60 ESS Corp Estimated Tax Payment11/07/2013
Form 60 EXTS Corporation Extension Payment11/07/2013
Form 60S Corp Income Tax Return12/05/2013
Form 60-K-1(Form 60) - (fill-in pdf)12/05/2013
Form 60-KSAdditional Schedule KS forms - (fill-in pdf)12/27/2013
Form 60-PVPayment Voucher - (fill-in pdf)12/04/2013
Form ND-1Individual Income Tax Form11/07/2013
Form ND-1-BkltBooklet - Instructions and Tax Tables Only12/26/2013
Form ND-1ESEstimated Income Tax - Individuals11/26/2013
Form ND-1EXT2013 Extension Payment Form11/19/2013
Form ND-1VElectronic Return Payment Voucher11/20/2013
Form ND-EZIndividual Income Tax Form11/21/2013
Form PWA- Passthrough Entity Withholding Adjustment (fill-in pdf)11/07/2013
Schedule 38-UTCalculation of Interest On Underpayment Or Late Payment of Estimated Income Tax For Estates And Trusts11/21/2013
Schedule K-1(Form 38) - (fill-in pdf)12/03/2013
Schedule ME2013 Credit For Wages Paid to Mobilized Employee - (fill-in pdf)11/21/2013
Schedule ND-1CRCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another State11/07/2013
Schedule ND-1CSCalculation of tax on proceeds from sale of income tax credit01/08/2014
Schedule ND-1FA3-Year Averaging Method for Elected Farm Income11/08/2013
Schedule ND1-FCFamily Member Care Credit11/21/2013
Schedule ND-1NRNonresident and Part-Year Resident Schedule11/07/2013
Schedule ND-1PGPlanned Gift Tax Credit11/21/2013
Schedule ND-1QECQualified Endowment Fund Tax Credit11/21/2013
Schedule ND-1SAllocation of Income by Same-Sex Individuals Filing A Joint Federal Return10/10/2013
Schedule ND-1SAStatutory Adjustments11/13/2013
Schedule ND-1TCTax Credits11/13/2013
Schedule ND-1UTUnderpayment of Estimated Individual Income Tax11/14/2013