Form 58 ES Fillable Partnership Estimated Tax Payment
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2014 and ends (ACH) credit transaction or online (checkbox) Unchecked (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) 2014 tax records 28734 58 ES 58 ES Partnership Estimated Tax Payment A partnership may but is not required Amount of Payment Amount paid: an option to continue or cancel the and click on S Corp and Partnership balance due may be paid electronically Bismarck ND 58505 0599 Calendar year: 2014 (Jan 1 Dec 31 2014) charges a fee for its service none Check number: check or money order to: City State and Zip Code Commissioner Complete the Corporation go to Dakota The amount of the fee will be Date of payment: Department Dept 127 Bismarck ND 58505 0599 Do Not use this voucher Electronic payment option Instead Fiscal year: Begins For Tax Form 58 ES Partnership Estimated Tax Payment Voucher Form 58 This form is for the 2014 If paying by paper check or money if paying electronically Cut along this line to detach voucher If paying electronically do not use income tax expected to be due on Mail to: Office of State Tax Commissioner 600 E Boulevard Ave Mailing Address Make check or money order payable to "ND State Tax Commissioner " Name as it will appear on North Dakota Form 5 8 national electronic payment service North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner of submitting a paper check or money of which goes to the State of North Office of State Tax Commissioner on the left hand side of the page order make the check or money order payable to ND State Tax order with this payment voucher the payment voucher below detach it from Phone PO Box 5622 provided during the transaction with Purpose How to make payment Record of payment Record the payment here and place in tax year the paper voucher below Then click on Electronic Payment this page and mail it with the paper through an Automated Clearing House through Link2Gov Corporation a to make estimated tax payments of To pay by means of an ACH To pay online through Link2Gov transaction transaction go to www nd gov/tax use only Write "2014 Form 58 ES" on check or money order www ndtaxpayment com Link2Gov