Form 1041N-ES Fillable 2014 Nebraska Fiduciary Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher (1/2014)
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

8 683 2013 Amount Remitted City State Zip Code estimated payments should be made on or before the 15th day of the 1st month following the close of the taxable year FORM 1041N ES Mail this voucher and payment to: Name and Title of Fiduciary Name of Estate or Trust Nebraska Department of Revenue PO Box 94818 Lincoln NE 68509 4818 Nebraska does not require an estate or trust to make estimated payments Nebraska Fiduciary Estimated Income Tax Nebraska ID Number Federal ID Number Payment Voucher PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE PLEASE PRINT OR revenue nebraska gov 800 742 7474 (NE and IA) 402 471 5729 Street or Mailing Address of Fiduciary Taxable Year Ending This form must be used to make voluntary estimated tax payments for an estate or trust All voluntary