Form 1120XNF Fillable 2013 Amended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return  (11/2013)
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(1) Bank (2) Savings and Loan (3) Credit Union (4) Other (Can be up to 17 characters Omit hyphens spaces and special symbols ) (Enter 9 digits the first two digits must be 01 through 12 or 21 through 32 1 Preceding year end deposits 1 1 10 Limitation amount (line 9 multiplied by 0381) 10 10 11 Enter line 8 or line 10 whichever is less 11 11 12 CDAA credit (attach Form CDN) 12 12 13 Total Nebraska financial institution tax (line 11 minus 14 Voluntary estimated tax payment (if any) 14 14 15 Tax paid with original return plus additional payments made after it was filed 15 16 Line 14 plus line 15 16 17 Overpayment allowed on original return plus additional overpayments allowed after it was filed 17 18 Line 16 minus line 17 18 19 Nebraska financial institution tax due (line 13 minus line 18) 19 2 First quarter ending deposits 2 2 20 Penalty 20 21 Interest due 21 22 BALANCE DUE (total of lines 19 through 21) 23 REFUND (line 18 minus line 13) Lines 24a 24b and 24c must be completed 23 24a List the routing number is listed first and must be nine digits 24b Indicate the type of account checking or savings 24c The account number is listed to the right of the routing number and can be up to 17 digits 24d Box 24d is used to comply with new banking rules regarding International ACH Transactions (IATs) These 3 Second quarter ending deposits 3 3 4 Third quarter ending deposits 4 4 5 Fourth quarter ending deposits 5 5 6 Total deposits (total of lines 1 through 5) 6 6 7 Average deposits (line 6 amount divided by 5) 7 7 8 Financial institution tax (line 7 multiplied by 00047) 8 8 800 742 7474 (NE and IA) or 402 471 5729 9 Net income before income taxes and An error was made on the financial institution s original Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return Check this box if payment is made electronically 22 City State Zip Code Compute the number of months or fraction of a month from the due date of the original return to the date the Contact the Department to obtain the appropriate form for amending a return for tax years prior to 1993 Enter dollar amounts in ones not in thousands (for example 14 million must be written as 14 000 000) extraordinary items (if net loss enter 0 ) 9 9 Failure to file a return and pay tax due on or before the due date; Failure to file an Amended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return to report changes made to the institution's Limit the total penalty to 25% of the amount on line 19 Lincoln NE 68509 4818 line 12 If less than zero enter 0 ) 13 13 Multiply the amount due on line 19 by 5% per month or fraction of a month as determined above; and Name of Financial Institution Nebraska Department of Revenue Nebraska ID Number Federal ID Number PO Box 94818 Preparing or filing a fraudulent return; or revenue nebraska gov Street or Other Mailing Address The financial institution s net financial income or amount of deposits for tax year 2013 are changed by a state or Type of financial institution check applicable box: Understatement of deposits or net income before income taxes and extraordinary items on a financial institution Use Form 1120XNF 3 to amend tax years 1993 2000 Use Form 1120XNF for the tax year corresponding to the return being amended for tax years after 2000 Use the checking or savings account number from an actual check not a deposit slip ) Year beginning and ending (Explain on Reverse Side) (line 19) from the original due date to the date the tax is paid Interest is not credited for an overpayment of tax if the refund 24a Routing Number 24b Type of Account Checking Savings 24c Account Number 24d Check this box if this refund will go to a bank account outside the United States 8 730 2013 a change made by a state or federal regulatory agency a dated copy of the regulatory agency's notice must also be attached Additional penalties may be imposed for: allowed after the original return was filed Amended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return amended return is filed; amended Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit Form NFC Clearly mark Form NFC as AMENDED amount of deposits or net financial income; Amount Received Amount Refunded and enter the difference here As Originally Reported as preparer The preparer must enter his or her Preparer Tax ID Number (PTIN) their firm s name and Federal Employer Authorized Signature Date Email Address authorized to sign this return a power of attorney must be on file with the Department or attached to the return Batch Number Check or Money Order Include a check or money order payment to the Nebraska Department of Revenue with your Claim Number Column A Original or Adjusted Amount Enter the amounts shown on the original Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Column B Net Change Enter the net changes to the amounts entered in Column A All entries in Column B must be Column C Correct Amount Enter the corrected totals after the increases or decreases shown in Column B If there are Complete Nebraska Schedule I Explanation of Changes on reverse side Computation of Tax computed on line 11 Column C If the result is less than zero enter 0 on line 13 Contact Information If you need additional assistance contact: convience fee (2 49% of the tax payment $1 minimum) will be charged to the card you use This fee is paid to the credit card Correct Amount Credit Card Secure credit card payments can be initiated through Official Payments at officialpayments com Development Assistance Act (CDAA) tax credit allowed as entered on line 12 may not exceed the amount of the subtotal E Pay (Nebraska e pay ACH Credit Tele pay) Pay the amount due electronically It s secure easy and fast Details Electronic Payment Financial institutions that made tax payments exceeding $9 000 in the prior year are required to Electronic Payments Financial institutions that made payments exceeding $9 000 in the prior year are required explained in detail on Nebraska Schedule I (above) with supporting schedules and documents if any failure to file in a timely manner as follows: federal regulatory agency; or Firm s Name (or yours if self employed) Address and Zip Code EIN Daytime Phone Form 1120NF for 2013 Form 1120NF for information on calculating average deposits and net income FORM 1120XNF from your federal return or reports filed with state or federal regulatory agencies How to Complete Form 1120XNF 2013 ID Number (EIN) Instructions is issued to the taxpayer within 90 days after the last date prescribed for filing the return knowledge and belief it is correct and complete LINE 13 Total Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Subtract line 12 from line 11 The maximum Community Line 14 Voluntary Estimated Tax Payment Enter the amount of any voluntary estimated tax payment previously filed Line 15 Tax Payments Enter the amount of tax paid with the original return plus any additional tax paid after the original Line 17 Overpayment Enter the amount of overpayment allowed on the original return plus any additional overpayments Line 19 Additional Tax Due If line 13 is greater than line 18 subtract the amount on line 18 from the amount on line 13 LINE 20 Penalty If the original return was not filed by its due date and line 19 indicates a tax due compute a penalty for Line 21 Interest Due Compute interest at the statutory rate of 3% (Revenue Ruling 99 12 1) on the additional tax due Line 22 Balance Due Payment of tax penalty and interest due may be made electronically Lines 1 14 Computation of Tax Refer to the line by line instructions on the Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return Lines 24A 24D Direct Deposit To have your refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account enter the Mail this amended return and remit payment (EFT if required) to: make all payments electronically Beginning July 1 2014 the threshold for electronic payments will be lowered to $8 000 Nebraska Department of Revenue PO Box 94818 Lincoln NE 68509 4818 Nebraska Department of Revenue Use Only Nebraska Schedule I Explanation of Changes Net Change no changes enter the amount from Column A Note: An amended return claiming a refund of tax previously paid must be filed within 90 days of the date the tax was due or on electronic payments can be found in the Make a Payment section on the Department s website or As Adjusted or deposits from a state or federal regulatory agency or via telephone at 800 2PAY TAX Eligible credit cards include American Express Discover MasterCard and VISA A Paid Preparer s Use Only Any person who is paid for preparing a financial institution s return must sign the return paid whichever date is later; or within 90 days after receiving notification of a change in the amount of net financial income Please PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE preparer s Preparer s Signature Date Preparer s PTIN Prior Years refunds cannot be processed as direct deposits and instead will be mailed Reminder for S Corporations For financial institutions organized as S corporations if the amount of tax as originally Report Number reported on Form 1120NF line 13 has been changed the financial institution must provide each shareholder with an return Checks written to the Department may be presented for payment electronically Return Form 1120NF or as later adjusted return was filed revenue nebraska gov 800 742 7474 (NE and IA) 402 471 5729 routing number and account number associated with the account Schedule I Schedule I Provide a complete explanation of the reasons for filing the amended return If the return is being filed due to Sign and Date the Tax Return This return must be signed by an officer of the financial institution If another person is tax return Filing a false or fraudulent Nebraska return is subject to penalty even if the amounts reported are taken The 2013 Form 1120XNF can only be filed after the financial institution has filed a Form 1120NF for tax year 2013 The threshold is scheduled to be lowered each July until 2017 when the threshold will be set at $5 000 Title Daytime Phone to $8 000 to make payments electronically Beginning July 1 2014 the threshold for electronic payments will be lowered Type or Print Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this amended return including accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my use only using Form 1120NF ES vendor not the State and will appear on your credit card statement separately from the tax payment What s New When to File A 2013 Amended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return Form 1120XNF must be filed if: