Form NFC Fillable 2013 Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit  (11/2013)
(all forms fillable on Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPad using Adobe Reader XI)

Beginning 20 and Ending 20 City State Zip Code City State Zip Code Financial Institution Tax Credit (from Shareholder s Name Name Nebraska ID Number Federal ID Number Social Security Number Spouse s Social Security Number Schedule Column I Form 1120NF) $ Street or Other Mailing Address Street or Other Mailing Address Taxable Year of Financial Institution 8 632 2013 Amount of Credit Enter the individual shareholder s amount of calculated credit from Column I Shareholder s Schedule FINANCIAL INSTITUTION S NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS Financial Institution Tax Return Form 1120NF The individual shareholder must attach this statement to his or her Nebraska Form 1120NF Do not enter the total amount of the tax paid by the financial institution FORM NFC Form NFC must be filed with the shareholder s Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040N individual income tax return to claim the credit Instructions Joint Ownership If shares are jointly owned separate Forms NFC must be issued to each joint owner reflecting each owner s Please retain a copy for your records proportionate share of the credit Provide this statement to the shareholder SHAREHOLDER S NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit Tax Credit Form NFC for each shareholder If the financial institution is owned by an S corporation bank holding company list the shareholders of the holding company This statement must be provided to the shareholder Do not file it with the Nebraska Who Must File Every financial institution organized as an S corporation must complete a Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution